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Top 10 Vintage Panties Lingerie Most Bizarre and Strange Ads

These top 10 (well, there are 12, we couldn't resist adding a couple more) vintage lingerie panty ads are messed up.
We found these bizarre, strange, but somehow very creative and they caught our eye! What do you think?
mademoiselle March 73.  Hmmm my mom just told me to wear clean underwear.  This is a seriously messed up ad.
Wait..What!? WTF!

Where are the peanuts?? What do peanuts have to do with this!?

We are stunned at the silliness of these ads. Today, would you find these marketing ideas?
the panties are watching you...I love this photo
Ummmm, why?
vintage panty ads | 1943 Ad Skintees Panty 10 West 33rd Street WWII Underwear Underpants ...
Not sure why we have the military involved with her Skintees!
SERIOUSLY strange advertising. This was a real store front!
Gregory Peck panties
WTF IS GREGORY PECK doing on these!?
Personalized "G" String Panties-to help people remember your name.  -- A Lifetime Legacy -- http://ALifetimeLegacy.com
Little strange, but strangely sexy.

vintage panties. WOWEE!
Between the sheets. Not so strange, but just downright ugly.
Skip budget blues with Spun-Lo
Skip to my lou my darling.......

(via Vintage Scans: Personalized Panties)    From Frolic, December 1954.
Ya think Charles is going to be pissed at Joe?
Vintage Lingerie Advertising | vintage underwear ads | VINTage lingerie ADvertising / ,
Yes, we sing in our choir wearing panties...
Too funny! "Are your panties up to date?" Vintage panties ad.
This needs no caption..it speaks for itself. Ha!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

History Of Lingerie

Vintage lingerie history....A little tidbit on dating your garments, brand labels etc.

Dating vintage lingerie can be a little tough to pinpoint down to the exact date when it was produced. If you familiarize yourself when labels and fabrics were used, styles and cuts, you can estimate when it was made. Vintage magazine adverts and vintage clothing catalogs will tell you the approximate year of production. There are many other ways to "guestimate" the era of your vintage piece, such as garment labeling (Union labels, RN numbers, and garment care instructions). 
  • Prior to 1941, most lingerie was created in glorious fabrics of rayon satins and silks. Shortly after 1941, you will see a lot more lingerie was being created in various nylon and nylon blends, although rayon was still used too. Nightgowns and peignoir sets created in fluffy chiffon nylons were very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and moving forward to the 1970s/80s you will see more all nylon sets without chiffon.
Pillowtab on a real vintage panty (Vintage Vanity Fair Panty)
  • Vintage lingerie can be dated other ways. If there are "care instructions" on the label, your garment is AFTER 1971.
  • Most vintage slips had metal hardware/sliders etc, prior to the late 1960s. Vintage half waist slips and panties, might have a "pillowtab" in the waist and the brand labels are mostly sewn in place in side seams, and hems. 
  • Panties that have all nylon gussets are most likely made before 1970, and might have a "pillowtab" in the waist. 

      Use Caution!
      There are panties being recreated and produced now with all nylon gussets/crotch areas that are and being called "vintage style or retro style and even vintage". These panties are even being created in what the seller calls "vintage nylon" and getting away with calling them vintage. PISSES ME OFF! Also, you will see a slew of "vintage nightgowns" that are not real vintage. When in doubt ask your seller if they are authentic true vintage or not and not reproduction panties or nightgowns.


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