December 11, 2008

Bettie Page, THE Queen of Pin-Up Dies

Rest In Peace Bettie Page...A true Hollywood Pin-Up Queen and Bondage Model dies today, December 11

She was 85. She suffered a heart attack last week in Los Angeles and never regained consciousness. Before her heart attack, she had been hospitalized for three weeks with pneumonia.
She set the stage for the sexual revolution. A gal way ahead of her time. According to PLAYBOY magazine, Bettie Page was THE Queen of Pin-Ups. The model of the century, yet she remained one of it's best kept secrets. For those who understand who Bettie Page was, no explanation is necessary and for those who don't, no explanation is possible. Why is that? Because Bettie Page was an secret phenomenon, a bewildering "bad girl school girl next door" figure, a true guilty pleasure.
Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy once said, "Exactly what captures the imagination of people in terms of popular culture is something hard to define, but in Bettie’s case, I’d say it’s a combination of wholesome innocence and fetish-oriented poses that is at once retro and very modern.”
She was THE gal with the trademarked short black bangs, man-killer curves, yet, innocent, sweet smile. She grew up loving the glam Hollywood scene and dreamed of becoming an actress. She should have been the next Marilyn Monroe. However, her life is an impossible incursion of near misses, bad luck and lost opportunities. Full of contradictions, some have called her "The Dark Angel," and for good reason, and for more reasons than one. Sometimes Bettie Page's bewildering persona both attracts us and repels us at the same time. For me, I was in awe.

"I was not trying to be shocking, or to be a pioneer. I wasn’t trying to change society, or to be ahead of my time. I didn’t think of myself as liberated, and I don’t believe that I did anything important. I was just myself. I didn’t know any other way to be, or any other way to live."
Bettie Page

November 15, 2008

Taking cover for a few days!

We are breathing in a blanket of smoke, ash and soot. The air is horrible and not going to venture outside until it's safe to breath! Here are a few pictures on top of Signal Hill/Long Beach, looking out towards Catalina Island, LA/LB Harbor/Port and out towards Anaheim Hills. The sky looks like a blanke of clouds, that is smoke, ash and soot.

November 14, 2008

SLIP into something more comfortable at CherrySparkle! on eBay

I'm jealous. Get a load of the knockers on her, not to mention this GORGEOUS BLUE VANITY FAIR Full Slip that will knock his socks off! Never thought I would be jealous of a mannequin!

While you are at it, take a look at CherrySparkle! other goodies up for auction, if not for the beauty of what she offers, but to admire her gorgeous photography or her well endowed "MISS BUSTY" as I call her.

I will have to say I'm in LOVE with that watermelon pink VINTAGE VANITY FAIR NIGHTGOWN in a larger size 40! Wish it fit me, the color is breathtaking!

November 12, 2008

Vintage Nightgowns Galore! Awesome BLOG about Vintage Nightgowns

On my ever quest search for vintage nightgowns on the internet, I stumbled across this site. Featuring nightgowns mostly from Olga, Vanity Fair, and Intime of California. Owner and creator Suzanne Prochaska has a passion for vintage nightgowns . She states "I started the blog because I adore vintage nightgowns and wanted to learn more about them & also to document all of the Olga style numbers". She also has her own website and states, "I started this site to document my journey with online business building. Although I am a Registered Nurse by profession, my entire life I have wanted to have my own business. As I have tried different things over the years, I also realized that I want to be self-employed solo. For the last 20 years I have supervised many nurses and other employees and for my own business I have a very strict "no employee rule"! What a lady with many talents! Be sure to check out all her sites, especially
Thank you Suzanne for bringing more attention to vintage nightgowns!

November 11, 2008

Vintage Lingerie~1000 Dessous~A History of Lingerie

A MUST HAVE book 1000 Dessous.

Since the beginning of civilization, women have worn underwear. Justified as protection, or a hygienic necessity, this "second skin" was devised to satisfy perverse erotic instincts. A "trap laid by Venus" to entertain and stimulate the fantasies of both the woman who wears them and the man who discovers them. Corsets, bras and panties are not utilitarian items - they are elements in a mystic ritual linking man and woman. They act as an obsessive focus for fantasy, for the sex they conceal is powerless without the decorations and seductions which separate us from it. Pleasure would perish without censorship.

Women have always known how to stimulate the latent fetishism of the men around them. Under her dress, a Greek girl of the classical period would wear a belt around her hips which was of no practical use except to draw attention to her feminity. Likewise, the women of Rome already wore garters round their thighs, though the stocking had not yet been invented. In our own century, vamps, starlets, pin-ups and models have filled our cínema screens, our advertising hoardings, our office calendars and our imaginations with the erotic engineering of the garter belt and the surreptitious rustle of nylon stockings.

Dessous traces the evolution of this living mythology from its first steps in the dawn of civilization to its apotheosis in the films and advertising campaigns of the modern world. Lavishly illustrated, it demonstrates how the conflict between the need to conceal and the will to reveal has provided women with the means to explore their own sexuality and exercise an erotic ascendancy over men. The result is a richly aphrodisiacal meditation, an intimate exploration of the props of our theatre of desire.

About the editor and author: Gilles Néret (1933-2005) was an art historian, journalist, writer, and museum correspondent. He organized several art retrospectives in Japan and founded the SEIBU museum and the Wildenstein Gallery in Tokyo. He directed art reviews such as L'Oeil and Connaissance des Arts and received the Elie Faure Prize in 1981 for his publications. Néret's many titles for TASCHEN include Salvador Dalí - The Paintings, Matisse, and Erotica Universalis.

November 10, 2008

Olga Vintage Nightgown, and a BRIEF history of the Olga Lingerie Company

Yep, another shameless self promotion, but wanted to show off this gorgeous MASSIVE FULL SWEEPING OLGA negligee. Ever wondered who really is OLGA? As some of her tags say, "Behind Every Olga there really is an Olga". Here at Sweet Cherry Vintage, I offer you exquisite vintage Olga gowns and undergarments.

It is hard to believe that the Olga Company, one of the most sought after brands in vintage (and modern) lingerie, began with a measly $10 in the forties and reached volume sales of $67 million. Well the Olga behind Olga made it happen with her incredible undergarment designs and dedication to making women feel ultra feminine and beautiful.

Olga Erteszek, designer and founder of the Olga Company, left her native Krakow, Poland and immigrated to California with her husband, Jan Erteszek, in 1939. Jan was a lawyer who found work in sales after coming to the US and Olga, whose mother was a corsetière, worked in a factory making brassieres and girdles.

Now let's not forget that during World War II, sacrifices were made. Lingerie companies were assisting in the production of parachutes for the army and fabrics were rationed. When Olga saw a woman with hosiery rolled to her knees one day on a trolley, she told her husband that women should at least have something to hold up their stockings, even with the sacrifices being made during the was. With Jan's support and encouragement, she rented a sewing machine for $5 and spent another $5 on material and sewed a dozen lace-trimmed garter belts. A buyer for Bullocks-Wilshire department store bought the garter belts, and the Olga Company began. By 1950, the company was fully established in the lingerie industry.

In the early years Olga was directing seventeen designers, making fashionable lingerie that enhanced, shaped, and smoothed a women's body. Jan was the head of marketing and sales in the Olga Company, and had Olga appear in the company's advertisements as early as 1952.

From 1964 to 1978 she was featured in advertisements with a slogan that said, "Behind Every Olga There Really Is An Olga." This tag line can also be found on the labels of nightgowns, including the 1960's Sleeping Pretty collection.

In 1967, Olga Company became a publicly owned corporation with a value of $67 million. The Olga Company was one of the first companies to offer it's employees profit sharing. They made the Fortune 500 list of best 100 companies to work for.

In 1984, Olga Company was sold to Warnaco (Warner's, etc.) for $28 million.

Olga Erteszek held the women's record for patents. Her designs included the built-in bra nightgown, the seamless bra, the massaging bra, and tummy flattening panties. Jan and Olga were honored for their community and humanitarian work and in 1985 they received the California Industrialist Of The Year award for life time achievement.

Jan Erteszek died in 1986. In 1979, at age 73, Olga dies of breast cancer. One of their daughters, Christina Johnson, is currently the design director at Warnaco for Olga's Christina, a sporty line of lingerie, which was originally trademarked by Olga Company in 1981.

November 7, 2008

eBay Vintage Sellers, be aware! Woes of Paypal/eBay.

Two months ago, sold a gorgeous slip (email me for the link if you want to see this gorgeous satin slip). Buyer was extremely happy, left me glowing feedback to the exact words of "Received in excellent condition...", but I had noticed he rated (dinged) my Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR's) really low in shipping costs. I charged him $6.75 for a Priority package with delivery confirmation. My mistake....I emailed him asking why the very low rating on shipping cost. I do not control what the post office charges. Well, this ticked HIM off big time. He ranted and raved about how the "star ratings are supposed to be anonymous" etc. Well, they aren't. Any seller with half a brain can figure out who "dings" their stars, especially when they are lowered right after feedback is left. So, doing the right thing, I refunded his shipping to him. Well that wasn't enough for him. He wanted to return the slip, not sure why. I denied that request, he got what he wanted, bid up that damn slip so high, and I felt he was having "buyer's remorse". End of story, so I thought.

Fast forward two months later, I get a Paypal notice they froze the money he paid me and he is claiming with his CREDIT CARD company (he paid me with his credit card through Paypal), that it is not "Significantly Not As Described, aka SNAD). This is bullcrap (for lack of a more fitting word). He was happy with his purchase until I caught him out "dinging" my stars. So now, he is FRAUDING HIS CREDIT CARD COMPANY. Lucky for me, I have all saved emails, screenshots of his feedback left for me, and his rants and raves. Even if his credit card company refunds him, he has to send back his slip to me, in exact the same condition with tags and all on it. If not, I'm filing POSTAL FRAUD on him.

So, thanks for letting me rant about this fraudulent buyer. If you need his eBay ID, simply email me. I will be happy to share it with you so you can add to your BLOCKED BIDDER LIST.

November 6, 2008

Every Man Wants His Woman on a Pedestal

And BY GOLLY every woman should be up on a pedestal. I giggled when I saw these vintage lingerie adverts by Rogers, who coincidentally was run by the family of Ginger Rogers. Rogers Lingerie has some of the most beautiful frilly chiffon gowns and gorgeous silky nylon slips ever created! Be sure to check out my VINTAGE LINGERIE boutique for more vintage fluffy creations!

November 5, 2008

Vintage Lingerie on Mad Men

I'm simply mad for Mad Men with the ever so yummy and delicious Don Draper and Roger Sterling, not to mention the beautiful women such as voluptuous Joan and the sweet and not so innocent Betty Draper. But what I really want to talk about is the lingerie...what else? The first photo is of a gorgeous LUCIE ANN that I actually sold awhile back in minty green.

Need another Vintage Lingerie Blog? Here is a MUST HAVE!

Need a daily fixation of lingerie blogging? Then be sure to visit and pay tribute to SLIP .. Most original and very first BLOG on the ww about vintage lingerie: VINTAGE LINGERIE BLOG and other tibdbits of information about anything ABOUT lingerie! Her blog is quote/unquote: "Exploring the romance of lingerie Slip of a Girl dishes more than fashion & shopping! It's sex, culture, erotica, and rants about what rides-up our collective behinds." She is my blogging IDOL and be sure to add her to your favorite blog!

November 3, 2008

What's a gal to do?

Above, my Olga Pick of a Lifetime Nightgown.. Gorgeous isn't she? Speaking of she, sorry, that's a first for me. I swear I would never call a piece of lingerie "her, she" and cringe when I see on eBay auctions. What is with some of these sellers calling their lingerie as though it's a human counterpart... strange.

Very humdrum mood...HATE THIS FREAKING TIME CHANGE, so very depressing. So here I sit on the eve of the election and thought to myself, I really need to finish my voter sample ballot, then I thought, gee, I haven't blogged in a month. Then I thought, I have to do dinner. Then I though, GOD HELP ME, my daughter is asking me to take her out driving. Then I thought, I have to pay bills, and need to get up some vintage lingerie to sell.

Boring, I know, but when I get over this depression from the time change, I'll write a something a little more juicy.

October 5, 2008


Get yer mind outta the gutter, NOT THOSE LIPS, but THOSE LIPS. Smooches.
While shopping with my daughter awhile back in the breezing sunny skys on Second Street in Belmont Shores here in gorgeous Long Beach I about flipped when I saw these in beauty supply store. What more could an obsessed lover of lingerie need? LINGERIE inspired make-up. Yep, that did it, I was hooked. These are your fancy panties, the ones you slip on for that special evening. Packaged together, these mini versions of Dianna Brill's full size glosses will be off almost as soon as they are on! This little sweet delight comes in Frilly Thong, Sheer String and Jewelled G-String, along with three limited edition colors designed exclusively by Ms. Brill for this set, Pearly Panty, Vinyl V-String and Satin Hipster. I was thinking, where are the vintage FULL BRIEF PIN-UP PANTY? Maybe that will be next on her list.

October 3, 2008

Don't Get Your Knickers in a Twist

Me ball and chain is a limey, and wish I had a nickle for every time I hear "Shelley, don't get your knickers in a twist". To dummy it down a bit for us Americans (my husband is from England and what he means is "Don't get your panties in a twist".

Selling vintage lingerie over the years, I have heard so many variations for what people call undergarments. Sure, we Americans call them panties or panty, or the dreaded "underwear" ughhhhhhh, YUCK. Did you know here in America, the garter belt is known to the Brits as a suspender belt! Men's suspenders are knows to the Brits as braces.

Confused yet? It's ok, keep your pecker up.

October 2, 2008

Think Pink for October! Breast Cancer Awareness Month-SAVE THE TA TA'S.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Save the Ta Ta's. I saw this bumper sticker the other day on a car. I didn't know quite what to think. At first I laughed, then I cried. I have known (as I am sure you have), two people that have been affected by breast cancer. One of them my Nana, one of them a very dear friend at church. I have met numerous other women, but none close to me that have this dreaded disease. Breast cancer runs in my family. It's a scary thing, and I try not to think about it, but I have too. I have to go in twice a year for ultrasounds as I have had some close calls. Thank God above, every time my tests come back benign.

As for mammograms. Not sure what all the hoopla is about. It doesn't hurt. Not sure why women say it does hurt. Even if it does hurt, why would women tell other women this? Are they STUPID? Yes, I'm sorry, but it's pure ignorance. Why in the hell would you tell someone this when it might prevent them from getting a mammogram? I have had to bite my tongue more then once to tell these women off. KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT. What you say could deter another woman from getting tested. Ok, I'm off my high-horse.

GO GET YOUR MAMMOGRAMS, if not for yourself, then for your daughter, your sister, your mother, your husband, your son, your father, your friends. They all love you, and so should you.

Cannot afford a mammogram? National Cancer Institute Contact them at 1-800-4-CANCER. If you provide your zip code, they can give you a center providing free mammograms. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES.

My Plastic Panties! VINTAGE LINGERIE Collection

WHAT'S IN YOUR PANTIES? I keep receipts and various papers in mine. *GIGGLES* ...Let me explain. I have an obsession. I started collecting these little plastic wall hangings made of plastic/vinyl. They are used to hold items such as letters, hand towels, anything! I am on the lookout for more of these fabulous little creations. My favorite is the pink and black lace CORSET with GARTERS. I have a yellow FRINGED *panty* and a teal LACY *panty* so far.

I of course am on the lookout for more of these little delights. Please don't be shy about telling me if you have any to offer because a girl just cannot have too many panties ya know....*smiles*

October 1, 2008


Wow.. just wow! I cannot believe it's been 3 MONTHS since I have added anything! What's a girl to do. Life is busy, however, I am back and making a commitment to blog my brains out to keep this fun and interesting!

Vintage Lingerie... what more do you need or want? Not that horrid "vintage style.. retro style" crap that is floating around, but real, VINTAGE LINGERIE. I have recently acquired a 200 piece LOT of frilly chiffon nightgowns, sheer chiffon peignoirs, long vintage negligee's, and more. I am working my busy little butt off getting them up for sale here on eBay
I am going to start with something short and sweet and simply feature one of my SWEET CHERRY VINTAGE LINGERIE *Pick of the Week* items. So without further ado... Presenting this VINTAGE VANITY FAIR Semi-Sheer Peignoir Gown, that is heartstopping! Here is the link to this lovely vintage peignoir:
Vtg VANITY FAIR Nightgown/Peignoir AQUA Dressing Gown M

June 27, 2008

All things VANITY FAIR..Vanity Fair Lingerie.. A Passion! An Obsession!

Not sure what it is. Not sure why? But nothing, I mean nothing compares to Vanity Fair lingerie, and not their new stuff, I'm talking vintage of course. Vintage Vanity Fair. Such style, cut, craftsmanship goes into each and every vintage piece. I have a passion, an obsession with Vanity Fair. What is it? How can the silky, utterly delicious, creamy soft NYLON TRICOT that their gowns, slips and panties made of make me feel the way I do when I wear them? How can the lace, tulle netting chiffon, cut and style, be placed so eloquently on areas that make them appear they were created for a Princess?
I don't care if you give me a wardrobe full of Olga nightgowns or Lucie Ann/Claire Sandra gowns, I'm going straight for those Vanity Fair's. Vintage Vanity Fair lingerie is created by skilled artisans of the lingerie industry, most are masterpiece's of workmanship & designed by the hand's of geniuses and stamped with the seal of quality.

June 26, 2008

Girdles That Blow You Away...Really!

Wow, I know I am straying a bit here or there from my passion of vintage lingerie, but occasionally I find something I love to share. Looking for that DOES IT ALL girdle? That you can wear under a longer dress, vamp it up with some stockings, and want that hour glass svelte shape we all desire? Then check out this baby, a FULL TO THE SHIN, SATIN FORMFIT VINTAGE STYLE GIRDLE WITH GARTERS featured by none other.. ME SweetCherry Vintage Lingerie. I typically feature and only sell vintage lingerie as most you know. I just cannot help myself! I'm a girl after all, and when I see something that we all need for those tightest of tight dresses, then I just have to bring it on! Of course, while you are checking out this gorgeous masterpiece, be sure to see all my other exquisite vintage gowns, vintage nightgowns, vintage slips, vintage panties, vintage lingerie galore! Your one stop shopping at SweetCherry Vintage Lingerie SWEET CHERRY VINTAGE on eBay!

June 23, 2008

Ex Employee AVERY of eBay Speaks Out!

Occasionally I may stray from the vintage lingerie and clothing topics a bit to bring you little interesting tidbits here or there that I find interesting or newsworthy.

I have had the pleasure to "get to know" Avery. Averybay - Semi-Philosophical Musings of a Former Pink. Ex-eBay employee by his choice, not theirs. What is a Pink? An eBay Pink is basically an employee of eBay, and mostly on the Community Discussion Boards.

To sum it up short and sweet. He recently posted on eBay's Seller Central Discussion Board this post (now pulled by eBay) Nothing he said was reportable, or broke any rules. Judge for yourself:


Until the end of 2007, I worked for eBay. Many people knew me as

It is with considerable sadness that what prompts me to post and say hello is primarily a deep sense of concern. I've watched the changes that have been made during the first half of 2008; I've watched the decline of; and I've watched the erosion of respect by eBay for its Community.

In 2008, it would be inaccurate to say that eBay cherishes its Community. Actions always speak louder than words.

On the eve of eBay Live! 2008, I feel compelled to offer a few words to this Community that I served for 5 years with passion. I stayed for 5 years because I loved the eBay Community. I left for many reasons, but I still love this site and Community. And while I debated about saying "hello" to many of you that I miss and to many that I don't know personally, it is my love of the eBay Community that compels me to offer a few words.

There are many labels flying around about people being negative, or being "anti-eBay", or being an "eBay cheerleader". Some wish to draw lines between buyers and sellers.

Please don't.

eBay Inc. is the one who has unwisely drawn a heavily line between buyers and sellers. This is not productive. The eBay Community needs to rise above this and make itself known again. eBay is now a very large company. And as is the case with many companies that grow into a large corporate structure, it is dangerously easy to forget the basic foundation that put a company "on the map" in the first place.

I deeply lament what eBay has chosen to do in 2008, but this isn't the time or place for me to dwell on this. At the heart of my concern is the conclusion that the Community that made eBay great is not respected in the way that it once was.

For many sellers, this has been a year of hard decisions. For those who are not happy with the changes made by eBay; who see it as far more than an issue of change itself; who recognize that some very destructive things are taking place, there are a number of possible directions. Some choose to boycott. Some choose to post on discussion boards. Some have stopped selling. Some have moved on to other sites. For those who feel torn between their love of eBay and disgust with the changes, many thoughts and emotions might be involved.

In conclusion, the thought that I want to offer is this: when you are driven by passion, integrity, and conviction, it is your right to dissent, to push for change, to hope for a better place. One should never have to feel that "speaking out" in and of itself is a negative characteristic. My hope is that those who truly care about the future of this site will find ways to collectively organize, strategize, and work on a plan to help eBay realize that it is and never can be anything of significance without its Community. It's not too late for this Community to become truly relevant again.

Sincerely, aka Avery

Be sure to visit his website , give your thoughts, and visit Avery's Q/A forum.

June 16, 2008


Have you ever come across something that just makes you FLIP? Weak at the knees? Heart racing...well, I did. This vintage Vanity Fair negligee did it to me. VANITY FAIR Vintage GIGANTIC SWEEP Nightgown Gown S/M/L (Click on the link to see this masterpiece featured on eBay, by ME! Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie - SweetCherry Vintage Lingerie

The color is described as UTTERLY DELICIOUS CORAL PEACHY--PINK, and created in 100% nylon. With SHEER NYLON *PLEATED* overlay, and solid SILKY SOFT TRICOT lining gown. This has a GRECIAN GODDESS inspired bodice that ties around the front or the back. The icing on the cake is the UNREAL MASSIVE FULL SWEEP, that is SO BIG, THAT I COULDN'T EVEN MEASURE IT. Trust me, I can guarantee there isn't another gown like this, ever. I have never ever in my life, seen so much material!


June 13, 2008

Lucie Ann-Claire Sandra...Gowns that make you FAINT

Lucie Ann~Claire Sandra IS Hollywood Glam! Have you ever come across something that makes you just faint at heart. I mean, literally. Well, happened to me yesterday. A very close friend of mine, eBay seller hellocherrysparkle has up for auction the MOST STUNNING, MOST EXQUISITE, MOST BEAUTIFUL VTG LUCIE ANN PEIGNOIR ROBE wearas NIGHTGOWN LINGERIE S I have ever laid my eyes on.
This Lucie Ann, is nothing like I have ever seen before! In all my years selling vintage lingerie, this is truly a one of a kind. With fluffy MARABOU trim and RHINESTONE clasp closure. A TRUE HOLLYWOOD glam gown.

Lucie Ann designed and created all of Eva Gabor's peignoir sets for Green Acres. Lucie Ann, also sold exclusively for Claire Sandra of Beverly Hills a very up-scale boutique. A breathtaking and much desired show-stopper and a must have for the wanna-be glam gal. You can find this lovely masterpiece here VTG LUCIE ANN PEIGNOIR ROBE wearas NIGHTGOWN LINGERIE S

June 8, 2008

Vintage Lingerie Lover, Collector, Seller.. A True Obsession

This obsession of mine, vintage lingerie. Why, how, and you may ask, why in the world vintage lingerie? Well let me explain. This passion of mine started when I was a little girl. When Mommy was cooking, cleaning or drinking her Pepsi's with peanuts in it (that's a whole other story), doing her ironing, watching As the World Turns, guess what I was doing? I would be in her drawers, going through all her glorious frilly chiffon nighties. Mom, you never knew I did this did you? Speaking of Mom, that's her in the lovely red and black chiffon nighty, and don't I look loverly all upclose, pale and huge forehead and all..NOT (I must have been around 3 years old), and Mom about 21 or so? Sorry Mom, giving away our ages here *big evil grin*. Check out that scary-arse clown behind me.

This obsession stuck for years. After working for over 20 years as an office manager in a dental firm, I had enough of oral fixation so I quit my "day job" to bring my chiffon fixation to others, selling off my passion, my collections, my vintage lingerie on eBay. So, folks, that is how it started.

June 4, 2008


These GURLZ are downright GLAM, and truly the ORIGINAL since 2002!
Ok, so you like vintage lingerie, yet tired of seeing it displayed on lifeless mannequins, well, then guess what? Be sure to check out eBay seller kimberlyvcb_uk who has been on eBay for nearly 9 years. Originally based here in the USA, she met the love of her life, and uprooted to Jolly Ol' England (we have something in common with our English hubbys!), and set up shop there. She still runs and features gorgeous vintage lingerie and live VOLUPTUOUS models.
NOT to be confused with a SUSPENDED EX-EBAY SELLER who copied their name (or pretty close to it!) to bring attention to her stanky lingerie up for sale on eCrater..(now selling under another SWEET name, ROCK CANDY OLD RAGS or something like that. Ughhhhhhhh the nerve of some people. REMEMBER GLAMOURGURLZ.COM is the ORIGINAL.. the one and ONLY!

June 3, 2008

Vintage Lingerie for Summertime!

Well, it's here. Summertime is near! Want to heat up the already hot nights? Throw some passion into that blazing hot summer fire? Got a passion for vintage nighties? How about some slinky silky slips? Fluffy vintage chiffon babydoll nightgowns? Then here you go!

CHIFFON Vintage Lingerie LAVENDER Nightgown Gown Nighty offered by me! SweetCherry Vintage Lingerie is offering a SWEET LAVENDER Chiffon Nighty with gorgeous ecru lace!

1950s Sheer Red Babydoll Nightgown from Daisy Fairbanks Vintage

Need something to last the whole summer then how about A GORGEOUS summer Lingerie Lot from Cemetarian is offering something to SIZZLE up the hot nights with in this "burnt red/orange" FIRE HOT nightie here:

Want to bring out that little girl in you how about a frilly little babydoll and matching panty bad*kitty*vintage is offering here:

Oh my! How about a little RED HOT babydoll and matching panty for the 4th of July! Show your patriotic sexiness in this..offered by specialsomethings

Sweet! I LOVE Roger's (Yes, Ginger Roger's and family owned the company!)! Wait until you get a load of this little summer HOTTIE Vintage 60's Rogers Green Floral Lingerie Sheer Nightgown Small offered by
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