June 27, 2008

All things VANITY FAIR..Vanity Fair Lingerie.. A Passion! An Obsession!

Not sure what it is. Not sure why? But nothing, I mean nothing compares to Vanity Fair lingerie, and not their new stuff, I'm talking vintage of course. Vintage Vanity Fair. Such style, cut, craftsmanship goes into each and every vintage piece. I have a passion, an obsession with Vanity Fair. What is it? How can the silky, utterly delicious, creamy soft NYLON TRICOT that their gowns, slips and panties made of make me feel the way I do when I wear them? How can the lace, tulle netting chiffon, cut and style, be placed so eloquently on areas that make them appear they were created for a Princess?
I don't care if you give me a wardrobe full of Olga nightgowns or Lucie Ann/Claire Sandra gowns, I'm going straight for those Vanity Fair's. Vintage Vanity Fair lingerie is created by skilled artisans of the lingerie industry, most are masterpiece's of workmanship & designed by the hand's of geniuses and stamped with the seal of quality.

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