June 13, 2008

Lucie Ann-Claire Sandra...Gowns that make you FAINT

Lucie Ann~Claire Sandra IS Hollywood Glam! Have you ever come across something that makes you just faint at heart. I mean, literally. Well, happened to me yesterday. A very close friend of mine, eBay seller hellocherrysparkle has up for auction the MOST STUNNING, MOST EXQUISITE, MOST BEAUTIFUL VTG LUCIE ANN PEIGNOIR ROBE wearas NIGHTGOWN LINGERIE S I have ever laid my eyes on.
This Lucie Ann, is nothing like I have ever seen before! In all my years selling vintage lingerie, this is truly a one of a kind. With fluffy MARABOU trim and RHINESTONE clasp closure. A TRUE HOLLYWOOD glam gown.

Lucie Ann designed and created all of Eva Gabor's peignoir sets for Green Acres. Lucie Ann, also sold exclusively for Claire Sandra of Beverly Hills a very up-scale boutique. A breathtaking and much desired show-stopper and a must have for the wanna-be glam gal. You can find this lovely masterpiece here VTG LUCIE ANN PEIGNOIR ROBE wearas NIGHTGOWN LINGERIE S

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