June 4, 2008


These GURLZ are downright GLAM, and truly the ORIGINAL since 2002!
Ok, so you like vintage lingerie, yet tired of seeing it displayed on lifeless mannequins, well, then guess what? Be sure to check out eBay seller kimberlyvcb_uk who has been on eBay for nearly 9 years. Originally based here in the USA, she met the love of her life, and uprooted to Jolly Ol' England (we have something in common with our English hubbys!), and set up shop there. She still runs http://www.glamourgurlz.com/ and features gorgeous vintage lingerie and live VOLUPTUOUS models.
NOT to be confused with a SUSPENDED EX-EBAY SELLER who copied their name (or pretty close to it!) to bring attention to her stanky lingerie up for sale on eCrater..(now selling under another SWEET name, ROCK CANDY OLD RAGS or something like that. Ughhhhhhhh the nerve of some people. REMEMBER GLAMOURGURLZ.COM is the ORIGINAL.. the one and ONLY!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Shelly...sadly, after 14 years online, i have closed the doors to the GlamourGurlz.com website. My health has be declining and it's all i can do to manage our ebay auctions these days. I may eventually re-open the Glamour Gurlz site, but, only to sell our photo DVD/CD sets. I literally have thousands and thousands of never seen before photos that I am sure slip lovers would love to see. Give me a shout sometime Shelley and thanks again...you are the best! Big hugs and lots of love , Kim Email: Kimberlyvcb_uk@yahoo.co.uk

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