October 5, 2008


Get yer mind outta the gutter, NOT THOSE LIPS, but THOSE LIPS. Smooches.
While shopping with my daughter awhile back in the breezing sunny skys on Second Street in Belmont Shores here in gorgeous Long Beach I about flipped when I saw these in beauty supply store. What more could an obsessed lover of lingerie need? LINGERIE inspired make-up. Yep, that did it, I was hooked. These are your fancy panties, the ones you slip on for that special evening. Packaged together, these mini versions of Dianna Brill's full size glosses will be off almost as soon as they are on! This little sweet delight comes in Frilly Thong, Sheer String and Jewelled G-String, along with three limited edition colors designed exclusively by Ms. Brill for this set, Pearly Panty, Vinyl V-String and Satin Hipster. I was thinking, where are the vintage FULL BRIEF PIN-UP PANTY? Maybe that will be next on her list.

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