November 5, 2008

Need another Vintage Lingerie Blog? Here is a MUST HAVE!

Need a daily fixation of lingerie blogging? Then be sure to visit and pay tribute to SLIP .. Most original and very first BLOG on the ww about vintage lingerie: VINTAGE LINGERIE BLOG and other tibdbits of information about anything ABOUT lingerie! Her blog is quote/unquote: "Exploring the romance of lingerie Slip of a Girl dishes more than fashion & shopping! It's sex, culture, erotica, and rants about what rides-up our collective behinds." She is my blogging IDOL and be sure to add her to your favorite blog!

1 comment:

SlipOfAGirl said...

Awww, aren't you sweet! (I guess that's why you're Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie!)

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