June 27, 2008

All things VANITY FAIR..Vanity Fair Lingerie.. A Passion! An Obsession!

Not sure what it is. Not sure why? But nothing, I mean nothing compares to Vanity Fair lingerie, and not their new stuff, I'm talking vintage of course. Vintage Vanity Fair. Such style, cut, craftsmanship goes into each and every vintage piece. I have a passion, an obsession with Vanity Fair. What is it? How can the silky, utterly delicious, creamy soft NYLON TRICOT that their gowns, slips and panties made of make me feel the way I do when I wear them? How can the lace, tulle netting chiffon, cut and style, be placed so eloquently on areas that make them appear they were created for a Princess?
I don't care if you give me a wardrobe full of Olga nightgowns or Lucie Ann/Claire Sandra gowns, I'm going straight for those Vanity Fair's. Vintage Vanity Fair lingerie is created by skilled artisans of the lingerie industry, most are masterpiece's of workmanship & designed by the hand's of geniuses and stamped with the seal of quality.

June 26, 2008

Girdles That Blow You Away...Really!

Wow, I know I am straying a bit here or there from my passion of vintage lingerie, but occasionally I find something I love to share. Looking for that DOES IT ALL girdle? That you can wear under a longer dress, vamp it up with some stockings, and want that hour glass svelte shape we all desire? Then check out this baby, a FULL TO THE SHIN, SATIN FORMFIT VINTAGE STYLE GIRDLE WITH GARTERS featured by none other.. ME SweetCherry Vintage Lingerie. I typically feature and only sell vintage lingerie as most you know. I just cannot help myself! I'm a girl after all, and when I see something that we all need for those tightest of tight dresses, then I just have to bring it on! Of course, while you are checking out this gorgeous masterpiece, be sure to see all my other exquisite vintage gowns, vintage nightgowns, vintage slips, vintage panties, vintage lingerie galore! Your one stop shopping at SweetCherry Vintage Lingerie SWEET CHERRY VINTAGE on eBay!

June 23, 2008

Ex Employee AVERY of eBay Speaks Out!

Occasionally I may stray from the vintage lingerie and clothing topics a bit to bring you little interesting tidbits here or there that I find interesting or newsworthy.

I have had the pleasure to "get to know" Avery. Averybay - Semi-Philosophical Musings of a Former Pink. Ex-eBay employee by his choice, not theirs. What is a Pink? An eBay Pink is basically an employee of eBay, and mostly on the Community Discussion Boards.

To sum it up short and sweet. He recently posted on eBay's Seller Central Discussion Board this post (now pulled by eBay) http://www.averybay.com/seller-central-post. Nothing he said was reportable, or broke any rules. Judge for yourself:


Until the end of 2007, I worked for eBay. Many people knew me as

It is with considerable sadness that what prompts me to post and say hello is primarily a deep sense of concern. I've watched the changes that have been made during the first half of 2008; I've watched the decline of eBay.com; and I've watched the erosion of respect by eBay for its Community.

In 2008, it would be inaccurate to say that eBay cherishes its Community. Actions always speak louder than words.

On the eve of eBay Live! 2008, I feel compelled to offer a few words to this Community that I served for 5 years with passion. I stayed for 5 years because I loved the eBay Community. I left for many reasons, but I still love this site and Community. And while I debated about saying "hello" to many of you that I miss and to many that I don't know personally, it is my love of the eBay Community that compels me to offer a few words.

There are many labels flying around about people being negative, or being "anti-eBay", or being an "eBay cheerleader". Some wish to draw lines between buyers and sellers.

Please don't.

eBay Inc. is the one who has unwisely drawn a heavily line between buyers and sellers. This is not productive. The eBay Community needs to rise above this and make itself known again. eBay is now a very large company. And as is the case with many companies that grow into a large corporate structure, it is dangerously easy to forget the basic foundation that put a company "on the map" in the first place.

I deeply lament what eBay has chosen to do in 2008, but this isn't the time or place for me to dwell on this. At the heart of my concern is the conclusion that the Community that made eBay great is not respected in the way that it once was.

For many sellers, this has been a year of hard decisions. For those who are not happy with the changes made by eBay; who see it as far more than an issue of change itself; who recognize that some very destructive things are taking place, there are a number of possible directions. Some choose to boycott. Some choose to post on discussion boards. Some have stopped selling. Some have moved on to other sites. For those who feel torn between their love of eBay and disgust with the changes, many thoughts and emotions might be involved.

In conclusion, the thought that I want to offer is this: when you are driven by passion, integrity, and conviction, it is your right to dissent, to push for change, to hope for a better place. One should never have to feel that "speaking out" in and of itself is a negative characteristic. My hope is that those who truly care about the future of this site will find ways to collectively organize, strategize, and work on a plan to help eBay realize that it is and never can be anything of significance without its Community. It's not too late for this Community to become truly relevant again.

Sincerely, aka Avery

Be sure to visit his website http://www.averybay.com/ , give your thoughts, and visit Avery's Q/A forum.

June 16, 2008


Have you ever come across something that just makes you FLIP? Weak at the knees? Heart racing...well, I did. This vintage Vanity Fair negligee did it to me. VANITY FAIR Vintage GIGANTIC SWEEP Nightgown Gown S/M/L (Click on the link to see this masterpiece featured on eBay, by ME! Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie - SweetCherry Vintage Lingerie

The color is described as UTTERLY DELICIOUS CORAL PEACHY--PINK, and created in 100% nylon. With SHEER NYLON *PLEATED* overlay, and solid SILKY SOFT TRICOT lining gown. This has a GRECIAN GODDESS inspired bodice that ties around the front or the back. The icing on the cake is the UNREAL MASSIVE FULL SWEEP, that is SO BIG, THAT I COULDN'T EVEN MEASURE IT. Trust me, I can guarantee there isn't another gown like this, ever. I have never ever in my life, seen so much material!


June 13, 2008

Lucie Ann-Claire Sandra...Gowns that make you FAINT

Lucie Ann~Claire Sandra IS Hollywood Glam! Have you ever come across something that makes you just faint at heart. I mean, literally. Well, happened to me yesterday. A very close friend of mine, eBay seller hellocherrysparkle has up for auction the MOST STUNNING, MOST EXQUISITE, MOST BEAUTIFUL VTG LUCIE ANN PEIGNOIR ROBE wearas NIGHTGOWN LINGERIE S I have ever laid my eyes on.
This Lucie Ann, is nothing like I have ever seen before! In all my years selling vintage lingerie, this is truly a one of a kind. With fluffy MARABOU trim and RHINESTONE clasp closure. A TRUE HOLLYWOOD glam gown.

Lucie Ann designed and created all of Eva Gabor's peignoir sets for Green Acres. Lucie Ann, also sold exclusively for Claire Sandra of Beverly Hills a very up-scale boutique. A breathtaking and much desired show-stopper and a must have for the wanna-be glam gal. You can find this lovely masterpiece here VTG LUCIE ANN PEIGNOIR ROBE wearas NIGHTGOWN LINGERIE S

June 8, 2008

Vintage Lingerie Lover, Collector, Seller.. A True Obsession

This obsession of mine, vintage lingerie. Why, how, and you may ask, why in the world vintage lingerie? Well let me explain. This passion of mine started when I was a little girl. When Mommy was cooking, cleaning or drinking her Pepsi's with peanuts in it (that's a whole other story), doing her ironing, watching As the World Turns, guess what I was doing? I would be in her drawers, going through all her glorious frilly chiffon nighties. Mom, you never knew I did this did you? Speaking of Mom, that's her in the lovely red and black chiffon nighty, and don't I look loverly all upclose, pale and huge forehead and all..NOT (I must have been around 3 years old), and Mom about 21 or so? Sorry Mom, giving away our ages here *big evil grin*. Check out that scary-arse clown behind me.

This obsession stuck for years. After working for over 20 years as an office manager in a dental firm, I had enough of oral fixation so I quit my "day job" to bring my chiffon fixation to others, selling off my passion, my collections, my vintage lingerie on eBay. So, folks, that is how it started.

June 4, 2008


These GURLZ are downright GLAM, and truly the ORIGINAL since 2002!
Ok, so you like vintage lingerie, yet tired of seeing it displayed on lifeless mannequins, well, then guess what? Be sure to check out eBay seller kimberlyvcb_uk who has been on eBay for nearly 9 years. Originally based here in the USA, she met the love of her life, and uprooted to Jolly Ol' England (we have something in common with our English hubbys!), and set up shop there. She still runs http://www.glamourgurlz.com/ and features gorgeous vintage lingerie and live VOLUPTUOUS models.
NOT to be confused with a SUSPENDED EX-EBAY SELLER who copied their name (or pretty close to it!) to bring attention to her stanky lingerie up for sale on eCrater..(now selling under another SWEET name, ROCK CANDY OLD RAGS or something like that. Ughhhhhhhh the nerve of some people. REMEMBER GLAMOURGURLZ.COM is the ORIGINAL.. the one and ONLY!

June 3, 2008

Vintage Lingerie for Summertime!

Well, it's here. Summertime is near! Want to heat up the already hot nights? Throw some passion into that blazing hot summer fire? Got a passion for vintage nighties? How about some slinky silky slips? Fluffy vintage chiffon babydoll nightgowns? Then here you go!

CHIFFON Vintage Lingerie LAVENDER Nightgown Gown Nighty offered by me! SweetCherry Vintage Lingerie is offering a SWEET LAVENDER Chiffon Nighty with gorgeous ecru lace!

1950s Sheer Red Babydoll Nightgown from Daisy Fairbanks Vintage http://www.daisyfairbanks.com/

Need something to last the whole summer then how about A GORGEOUS summer Lingerie Lot from Cemetarian

http://www.dandelionvintage.com/ is offering something to SIZZLE up the hot nights with in this "burnt red/orange" FIRE HOT nightie here: http://www.dandelionvintage.com/16-6h.html

Want to bring out that little girl in you how about a frilly little babydoll and matching panty bad*kitty*vintage is offering here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=320257964607

Oh my! How about a little RED HOT babydoll and matching panty http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-Movie-Star-RED-Sheer-Sexy-Baby-Doll-Nightie-L_W0QQitemZ320215534713 for the 4th of July! Show your patriotic sexiness in this..offered by specialsomethings

Sweet! I LOVE Roger's (Yes, Ginger Roger's and family owned the company!)! Wait until you get a load of this little summer HOTTIE Vintage 60's Rogers Green Floral Lingerie Sheer Nightgown Small offered by http://www.sydneysvintageclothing.com/

June 2, 2008

The LEOPARDESS Arrives at Sweet Cherry Vintage

Leopard Vanity Fair...The Leopardess...Meowwwwwwwww Baby....Purrrrfect little pieces for the sexy vampy kitten in you!

Ever want to bring out the sexy sex kitten in you? Well you are in luck. This week I have featured 3 different vintage LEOPARD VANITY FAIR lingerie items for you. A little something for everyone! Nightgown & Peignoir Robe, silky soft tricot nylon panties, or need a little nip and tuck...then be sure to check out the leopard panty girdle!

Starting with this 2 piece ensemble, a gorgeous LEOPARD VANITY FAIR Nightgown & Peignoir Combo set: Vtg VANITY FAIR-LEOPARD! Nightgown Gown & Peignoir M/L

Next I have a silky nylon tricot nylon LEOPARD VANITY FAIR vintage panties here:
Vintage VANITY FAIR Tricot Nylon LEOPARD Panties Panty

and last, but not least, a gorgeous LEOPARD VANITY FAIR vintage girdle panty here:
Vintage VANITY FAIR Girdle Panty LEOPARD Panties GARTER

Also from eBay seller renee-goodies, she is also featurins some meowingly purrrfect little Leopard Vanity Fair pieces too! Some LEOPARD VANITY FAIR bikini panties here: VINTAGE SWEETIE PIE VANITY FAIR LEOPARD NYLON PANTIES 7 and a LEOPARD VANITY FAIR BRA here: VINTAGE VANITY FAIR 60s LEOPARD PRINT PINUP GIRL BRA
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