July 12, 2009

Vintage Lucie Ann-Claire Sandra...Gowns that make you FAINT

Lucie Ann~Claire Sandra IS Hollywood Glam! Have you ever come across something that makes you just faint at heart. I mean, literally. Well, happened to me yesterday, in my inventory, I had tucked away this little number. AN ORIGINAL LUCIE ANN for CLAIRE SANDRA.

Lucie Ann designed and created all of Eva Gabor's peignoir sets for Green Acres. Lucie Ann, also sold exclusively for Claire Sandra of Beverly Hills a very up-scale boutique. A breathtaking and much desired show-stopper and a must have for the wanna-be glam gal. You can find this lovely masterpiece here only at SWEET CHERRY VINTAGE.

July 9, 2009

Vintage Lingerie! Vintage Olga Set

Vintage lingerie, bringing back romance and femininity again. What a fabulous treat I have for your lingerie collection and a true little treasure to cherish for many years to come. The color is what I describe as MIDNIGHT BLACK (color may vary from monitor to monitor), and created in 100% nylon (not sure what the all lace robe is created in, perhaps a nylon blend).

This has STUNNING FULL SWEEP skirt with KEYHOLE LACE BODICE design, that I just LOVE, matched up with this ALL LACE ULTRA LONG AND FLOWING robe in satin trim, this is so LAVISH! The belt is attached to the back of the robe so can be brought around and ties. LONG LAVISH FULL SLEEVES creating a gorgeous dramatic effect. I cannot be sure that this was part of the original set, however, it blends and matches perfectly. Vintage items are rarely flawless and most have normal to little wear, minor picks/pulls in areas or a small age discoloration spot or two etc. This particular beautiful piece has no rips, tears or stains, appears never worn.


Chiffon Vintage Nightgowns GALORE!

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Sweet Cherry Vintage! Vintage CHIFFON GALORE! for the SISSY GIRL IN YOU! Featured only at Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie.
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