September 29, 2009


Vintage lingerie, bringing back romance and femininity again. What a fabulous treat I have for your lingerie collection and a true little treasure to cherish for many years to come. The color is what I describe as SKY BLUE (color may vary from monitor to monitor), and created in 100% nylon. With 9 INCH CHANTILLY LACE FRILLY HEMLINE SKIRT!~Crisp elastic waist and legs, with ATTACHED FULL PANTY with DOUBLE NYLON CROTCH/GUSSET!~Totally spectacular find. I just love the MICRO-MINI LACY attached skirt, making this one ultra FRILLY, GIRLY GIRL PANTY SLIP! Is this not the epitome of SWEET ULTRA FEMININE MADNESS OR WHAT?!? IN totally NEW OLD STOCK FLAWLESS CONDITION! This is such a spectacular addition to your fine vintage lingerie collection. THE WHITE GUSSET/CROTCH IS NOT COTTON, BUT NYLON, ALMOST CREPE LIKE. Sweet!

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