October 21, 2009

Vintage Lingerie MAIDENFORM Ads. I Dreamed I was ???

Sometimes when you are just plum broke, and feel the desire to have..need..want vintage lingerie, well, sometimes, vintage lingerie ads just have to suffice! So because I am plum broke and don't even have a potty to pee pee in at this time, ..TODAY..I DREAMED I WAS buying all these MAIDENFORM BRAS! Here are a few of my most favorite vintage lingerie ads. Be sure to visit my Vintage Lingerie Store here at SWEET CHERRY VINTAGE LINGERIE!

Is this you think Liz Taylor??? Nahhhh, can't be. What do you think? I dreamed I played Cleopatra. I believe this to be mid 1950's.

My ALL TIME FAVORITE ad is this one above. I Dreamed I was WANTED! (Me too). 1960.

Check out this Medieval Maiden, 1957

Check out THAT PAIR of TWINS *winks* 1957

Do you think the Giraffe notices she is disrobed? 1957

I was tickled PINK in this 1957 Ad. Wonder what the Humane Society thought about dying this poor elephant pink!

This 1953 Ad I'm still trying to figure out if those are aprons or sweet little crinoline slips? What do you think?

Somehow, this 1953 DESIGNING WOMEN ad sure beats the hell out of Dixie Carter and her 80's big hair.

A 1946 is one of the oldest Maidenform ads I have found. Seems to be PRE "I dreamed" ads.

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Connie said...

My dreams also

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