October 6, 2009

Vintage Style Lingerie..GIRDLES THAT BLOW YOU AWAY!

Wow, I know I am straying a bit here or there from my passion of vintage lingerie, but occasionally I find something I love to share. Looking for that DOES IT ALL girdle? That you can wear under a longer dress, vamp it up with some stockings, and want that hour glass svelte shape we all desire? Then check out this
baby here, a FULL TO THE SHIN, SATIN FORMFITTING VINTAGE STYLE GIRDLE WITH H GARTERS featured by none other.. ME SweetCherry Vintage Lingerie. I typically feature and only sell vintage lingerie as most you know. I just cannot help myself! I'm a girl after all, and when I see something that we all need for those tightest of tight dresses, then I just have to bring it on! Of course, while you are checking out this gorgeous masterpiece, be sure to see all my other exquisite vintage gowns, vintage nightgowns, vintage slips, vintage panties, vintage lingerie galore! Your one stop shopping at SweetCherry Vintage Lingerie SWEET CHERRY VINTAGE on eBay!


maidsylvie said...

Hopefully you will carry more girdles . I love wearing them . They are a part of my daily wardrobe . Thank you

maidsylvie said...

oops , one thing I forgot to mention . Hoping for more baby doll nighties too

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