December 21, 2009

Vintage Lingerie? Vintage Sanitary Belt.. So Comfy. Period. Feminine Hygiene Products..Ugh.

Vintage lingerie? I think not. Vintage feminine hygiene... Comfy..Period. NOT.

Ladies, we are so blessed now. Being the silly inquisitive little girl, I always wondered what those things were hanging off my Mom's bulky Kotex pads or sanitary napkins (remember those lavender box with the K on it?). Now I know. They were to hook or pin on to a sanity belt/apron. That time I was still too young to realize what menstruation is and I was bewildered.... what on earth are those?

In those times it was called the sanitary apron/belt.

Well, I have come across, not ONE but TWO Vintage Sanitary Belts. If you are curious, have a gander. These are from the 1920's to 1930's because of the style and pricing ($.25 cents!) Go on.. take a peek. I know you how you feel. Be that inquisitive child again....Sweet Cherry Vintage (Just click here to see)

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