February 16, 2009

Vintage Lingerie Galore! Vintage Lingerie Galore! What MORE can you Adore?

Looking for VINTAGE LINGERIE. Then look no more. You found her. SWEET CHERRY VINTAGE LINGERIE. What more could you need...or want?

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February 13, 2009


Featuring VINTAGE LINGERIE, VINTAGE NIGHTGOWNS, VINTAGE PEIGNOIR, VINTAGE NIGHTOWN GALORE! I have some of the most INCREDIBLE FLUFFY vintage chiffon babydolls, nightgowns and more and have about 250 in stock.. keep your eyes peeled! Here are a FEW to wet your sweet whistle with. Bring out the FEMININE GIRLY GIRL, SISSY SWEET IN YOU! Or the ENTICING ROMANTIC VIXEN.


February 11, 2009

Vintage Lingerie VANITY FAIR Most GORGEOUS Nightgown EVER!

Vintage lingerie, bringing back romance and femininity again. This is such an exquisite find for your finer lingerie collection and a true vintage treasure to cherish for many years to come. The color is what I describe as ENCHANTING MIDNIGHT BLACK (color may vary from monitor to monitor), and created in 100% TRICOT nylon. This has an ILLUSION BLACK LACE OVER PALE SOFT PINK bodice creating a DRAMATIC effect. LONG FLOWING, AND FULL SWEEP SKIRT and attached nylon piping ties to tie around the back will leave you breathless and it flutters and sways around your legs. Vintageitems are rarely flawless and most have normal to little wear, minorpicks/pulls in areas or a small age discoloration spot or two etc. This particular beautiful piece has no rips, tears or stains, appears never worn, minor picks from handling. I have a MATCHING PEIGNOIR ROBE also by Vanity Fair as shown above for auction as well. They match perfectly and exact same size, however the robe is not as long as the nightgown and did not come as a set, but you would never know and looks BREATHTAKING together! Please see the robe here:VANITY FAIR Vintage Peignoir CHIFFON Dressing Gown S/M

February 5, 2009

Flirty Lingerie What more can a girl want???

You know, being a fan of mostly vintage lingerie, occasionally I stumble across something I just must have, EVEN THOUGH it's not vintage! Shame on me, lucky for him. Well, that is lucky for me too. My friend SLIPOFAGIRL and with the help of FLIRTY LINGERIE is offering a $200 SHOPPING SPREE contest! Read here for details: http://aslipofagirl.blogspot.com/2009/02/celebrating-sexy-lingerie-in-honor-of.html

My most favorite piece from Flirty Lingerie would have to be this, and this is HOW I would START my shopping spree IF I should win! An unbelievable vintage style WAIST CINCHER IN ROSE BROCADE

Now for my fans and well wishers, I don't have to wait to see if I win this contest before I go on my spree..... I always accept gifts too *GIGGLES*.

February 4, 2009

Vintage Lingerie CD by Glamour Gurlz

Gurlz & Guyz .. LOOK NO FURTHER. Desire beautiful VINTAGE SLIPS & VINTAGE LINGERIE? Then you need to check out this...and here is just a TASTE of what you will get! Not only producing the best vintage lingerie models on the internet, Kimberly also featured some of the most beautiful slips I have ever seen! Featuring GLAMOUR GURLZ VINTAGE LINGERIE SLIP MODEL DVD CD I & II with the most GORGEOUS VINTAGE LINGERIE SLIP MODELS EVER! And...


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