April 25, 2009

ShapeMeBra Oh PLEASE Shape Me!

Slip Of A Girl Blog is running an AWESOME "Shape You, Shape You Very Much!" Contest and I am determined to win this sucker! The fine folks of SHAPEMEBRA along with Link: A SLIP OF GIRL Blogspot is presenting this contest to win one of the most awesome corset bras ever! Two winners each will receive the Shape Me Bra of their choice -- in any size they offer! Quoted from Slip.

I want to win this exquisite creation because simply put... I NEED IT I'm going for one in VIXEN BLACK if I win to lift, boost and show off my not so well endowed cupcakes. Wouldn't it look SWEET under a tight vintage cardigan sweater, tight jeans and stilettos? I'm going to WORK IT in Vegas in June if I win this beauty...WATCH OUT ELVIS...SHAPE YOU..SHAPE YOU VERY MUCH!


Link to ShapMeBra.Com: HERE!

And while you are at it, check out all of A SLIP OF A GIRL ..the BEST LINGERIE BLOG ON THE WWW! Here!

April 6, 2009

Vintage Satin Lingerie

What a mess my blog has become! It's been 2 long months since I have even logged in. Life in general has me swamped. While I'm catching up on things here are a few goodies to entice you back! SATIN VINTAGE LOVELIES to entice you! Only at SWEET CHERRY VINTAGE LINGERIE!
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