April 13, 2010

Vintage Lingerie and Sexy Ads. Sexism Or Good Old Fashioned Fun?

You decide! Sexism? Politically incorrect? Or just good old fashioned fun? Sexy!?
However you decide...they sure don't make them like they used too. Be sure to leave your comment please!

Yes! Even rain cannot hide that "shine"

Ummmm.. I think this needs no caption. Gulp
Oh Yes Dear! Thank you so much... What she really was thinking"YOU Son of a bitch!"
This is just creepy, reminds me of Stepford Wives for some reason
I literally spat out my tea when I saw this! Brilliant ad!

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Ask the eBay Queen said...

I love old ads.. They are funny, kitchy and awesome!


Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie said...

Me too. However one finds them, being sexist or not, (I personally do not). I think the days of Mad Men marketing are all gone! wahhhhh

joan said...

thanks for posting these ads! They are great to look at as all old ads are. Sexist? Pfft! Who cares anyway? It's part of Americana. Times change, things change, we change.

Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie said...

Hi Joan,
Thanks for your comment! I wholeheartedly agree 100% with you :)

melissakeyesdesign said...

LMAO...omg that lipstick ad is hysterical!! What were they thinking?? #justaskin

melissakeyesdesign said...

I will have to scan the ads that Aunt Frances was in....i have bunches of them....I will send them to you.

Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie said...

Hi Melissa :)
I would love to see them. .Aunt Frances? Can you imagine if there were ads like this today? Why the hell not!?

Anonymous said...

This is absolutly SEXIST women dont are sexy, delicious, unforgetables hot or complacents, women are men. Thats all.

kittystuff said...

love looking at thee old ads....so funny!! And classic....and Yes on some of them....what WERE they thinking!! lol

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