April 5, 2010

Vintage Lingerie ROGERS As In.. Ginger!

Rogers Lingerie Company...yes, as in GINGER ROGERS. She owned a lingerie factory in Rock Island Tennessee, called Formfit Rogers and then later Rogers. I have had the great honor of selling some of her FormFit Rogers gowns myself. Enjoy some of these Rogers advertisements where...EVERY MAN WANTS HIS WOMAN ON A PEDESTAL! And BY GOLLY every woman should be up on a pedestal. I giggled when I saw these vintage lingerie adverts by Rogers. Rogers Lingerie has some of the most beautiful frilly chiffon gowns and gorgeous silky nylon slips ever created! Be sure to check out my VINTAGE LINGERIE boutique for more vintage fluffy creations!

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frankufotos Lingerie said...

Looking at these ads and the art, I can't help thinking of a variation of the old joke: 'Every man wants his woman on a pedestal.. so he can look her up her nightie'

Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie said...

Well Franku .. you hit the nail on the head.. great observation!

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