June 22, 2010

My husband Hugh, night #1, critical condition.

Hi Everyone. I am blown away by the love, support, thoughts, prayers and
well wishes from everyone. I wish I could take the time to personally
thank each and everyone of you. Please know your support means so much to me right now. I have never in my life experienced trauma before, and it's all you that makes this easier for me. So, while I am balling my eyes out overwhelmed with emotion, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It's going to be a long haul and knowing I have the love and support of you all will get me through this. My very close friends have been by my side as well as my Mom and Dad. As for visitors, he cannot have them, it's restricted to immediate family only.

Hugh is still in ccu, and in critical condition. They are giving him very high does of fluids to help stabilize his blood to "even it out" in layman's terms. His first (of many) surgeries is tentatively scheduled for in the morning (Wednesday). This will be on his pelvis to stabilize it some. His pelvic fracture is a life threatening injury so they will focus on this first IF he is strong enough and his body is showing less "shock/trauma".
This is all I have to report. I just thank you all for your love, prayers and thoughts.

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