June 23, 2010

My husband Hugh, night #2, critical condition.

My husband goes from unstable to stable to unstable to stable critical condition, back and forth. His blood pressure was running too low, along with high heart rate. They needed to get his bp up, and his heart rate down. They successfully did this with lots and lots of fluids. He is so swelled up you can't recognize him. He continues to receive blood transfusions and the doctors say he is still "seeping". Whatever that means. They re-xrayed his pelvis and no more internal bleeding, thank God.

Today, 2 days after the accident, the trauma doctor okayed the orthopedic doctor his surgery to fix what needs to be fixed. Dr. Zinar (the orthopedic doctor) told me they would go in and do as much as possible but because of Hugh's unstable condition, they need to be careful of his lungs. To repair his pelvis they have to flip him over and they can't do this because his lungs aren't strong enough and he has a contusion too. So, they ended up
1. put his shoulder back into place
2. put pins in his upper arm bone (humerus)that was broken.
3. put a plate and pins in his pelvis (his pelvis was broken in 2) and a "temporary" pin at the back of his pelvis until they do part 2 of the surgery when Hugh is more stable (hopefully next week).
4. put pins/bar in his right femur that was broke in 2.

He is back in his CCU room, and about 3 hours after surgery, his heartrate went up dangerously high (over 200) and Hugh's trauma nurse put in a call to a the cardiologist. In addition to this, his right foot is turning blue and swelling, and his left knee now is swelling. As I left Hugh to come home, the xray techs were in taking xrays of this.As for the cardiologist, I won't know anything until I head back in the early morning.

As I left the hospital, I'm in a dream state. I keep thinking I am going to wake up and was only a bad dream. Unfortunately, this "bad dream" is an actual living nightmare. If it wasn't for "my angels" at my side, my sweet Mom, Dad, Andrea, Melissa, Kim, my daughter and her boyfriend, I couldn't have done this without them. They are the reason I am holding it together.

People have been pouring into Long Beach Memorial, donating blood in Hugh's name. I am ever so grateful to each and everyone of you for this.

I wish I could thank each of you individual for the prayers, wishes and thoughts.

I will continue to update my blog when I can. It helps me actually "deal" with some things. Sounds weird, but it just does.

I have received numerous emails (too many to count) and wish I could respond to each one individually.

All I know, is 1. I am not blaming God for this. 2. I have accepted this is going to be a life changing event for us. 3. I will take this one day at a time and not think about tomorrow.

My life has forever changed since June 21 and will never be the same.

I have so many people to thank, it's so hard. Please don't be offended for me forgetting. I'm not with it. I am so grateful for everyone who has or tried to donated blood in his name at the hospital. 

People are asking how to help. I need prayers and if you are so inclined to help,  there is a PayPal donation here:


Suzane Prochaska said...

Shelley - Just wanted to let you know that you, Hugh and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Please don't forget to take care of yourself as well!

Collin in Fiji "Heaven"! said...

Sending healing vibes, love and hugs to you both...xoxoxo

andy manitta said...

god bless you both....my life was forever changed,so i know exactly what ur feeling...xoxo...andy and lynn manitta

Danna Crawford said...

I just caught a tweet and have read through your blog. I wanted to send my love and let you know I will too will keep your family in my prayers along with your darling Hugh.

And the best tip I can give you is YES TO BLOG AWAY because if it makes you feel good and helps you through all this, DO IT for sure!

I can totally relate as I feel great when I write. Bad mood or not, writing is the best of the best for many to express!

Hugzzz and blessings,
psalms 91:11

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