June 25, 2010

My husband Hugh, night #4, still in critical condition.

I am so lonely. Even though I have my Mom by my side, along with all my Angels, I come home to no Hugh. I keep thinking each night I come home will get easier, but it's not. I have to sleep with the nightlight on. I reach over to comfort him on his side of the bed, and it's just empty, like I am.

Anyhow I slept for about 5/6 hours. Benedryl helps me sleep. I had put off so much of my eBay business I had to stay home this morning to tie up loose ends. I didn't get to the hospital until after noon sometime. I was in a panic all morning long, feeling the urgency to be at the hospital "just in case".

Hugh had a good night. He is now being fed through a tube, so the nutrition now will help him heal. In additional to his massive bone breaks, they discovered his left knee is broken as well. On his right leg are massive burns/blisters and I am assuming from where the exhaust of the motorcycle must have been on his leg.

The pulmonary doctor is worried about the amount of fluid in his lungs, so they are keeping a watchful eye on this. He has a temperature not responding to Tylenol, so they are doing ice bags on his body. His color looks good, but he looks yellowish to me. I told the nurse, but they didn't seem to concerned.

They had lifted the "amnesia/sedative" medicine all last night and through the night. I wasn't too happy about this. Thankfully the pulmonary doctor put Hugh back on it. He is on high doses (100 times stronger them Morphine) of pain meds, along with this amnesia medicine so he is "snowed" as the nurse calls it.

I read him all his emails he received at the hospital. I don't know if he can hear me, I don't care. In fact, I am bringing one of his books to start reading to him.

I learned to day 9 people have been to donate blood in his name. I came home to many donations that was sent to me. I came to hundreds of messages in email, on Twitter, Facebook, thoughts, prayers, well wishes etc.

My Angels are organizing a benefit yard sale on Saturday, June, 26 at 5112 E. Killdee Street, Long Beach for Hugh and my family. My friend Bill at LBReport http://www.lbreport.com/news/jun10/hugh2.htm wrote up about it.

I thank you all for your continued love, support, prayers and thoughts. 


Soge shirts said...

Hi Shelley found this terrible news on twitter. I hope and pray that your husband will pull through.

dvgvintage.com said...

Good morning Shelley, I'm writing to let you know that both you and Hugh are in my prayers. He can hear you so keep doing what your doing. I'm so sorry that you have to experience this. And please remember to take good care of yourself.

figure8studio said...

Keeping your hubby in our prayers!

dreamifucan said...

Shelley, I'm so sorry to hear this horrific news. Please know you are both in my prayers. Debbie ~ dreamifucan

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