July 19, 2010

My Husband Hugh, Moved to Rehab 1 Month Later After Being in Hospital Day #28

4 Weeks later, here we are. Hugh moved to rehab. Quite the ordeal. I was not happy with the first day already. I will be patient. I will not blow up. Let's just say, it's nothing like being in the hospital.

Already, the charge nurse screwed up the his ONLY MEDS HE IS ON, which is pain pills. I asked this nurse before I left if she gave him his Norco (the pain meds) and she says "Oh, it was Tylenol". Ok.. breathe. I scream inside my head, "WHAT THE %$#@". I looked at her, and said, "WHY DID YOU GIVE HIM TYLENOL"? She says "Well, his pain was only a 4". I said, "did you SEE his chart what he needs to take"? She says, "No". I say, "ok, LET'S GO LOOK". "She says "Oh, I see it's Norco". I need to call the Dr. for clearance. INSIDE MY HEAD I say again.."WHAT THE %$#@" . I burst into tears. First night and they cannot even get ONE MEDICATION RIGHT.

I'm pissed, I'm mad, I just want Hugh home. I'm tired, I want this to be behind me.
F....M....L.. YOU figure it out.

I know it will BE OK. I know this will take some adjusting to. I know this will pass, some day. Not anytime soon though.

I will be there in the morning EARLY to be on board with things. They don't know what will hit them if they screw up again on something so simple. I let them off easy this first time, not the next though. I plan on meeting the doctor and more of the rehab team tomorrow. I want a journal of his activities and I will demand I get one.

Dear Hugh,
I couldn't bear leaving you tonight. I felt guilty and sad. You looked at me and told me what the hell was I thinking feeling this way. That I shouldn't feel guilty and to go home and get some rest. You gave me that "look" and then you said you loved me and we will get through this. I worry as you lay there, thinking the nurse call button might fall down. You might be cold, you might be in pain. I want to call you, but I am afraid to wake you. I don't know what to do. I just pray you have a peaceful, somewhat pain free night. I just want you home Hugh. Please hurry, have the strong will to get better fast my darling. I love you forever.....
If you are so inclined to help with Hugh's medical expenses and our mounting bills, you can donate to us by clicking the yellow donate button:

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Heidi B said...

You don't know me but I've followed you on eBay, studied your guides , and broadened my knowledge of vintage lingerie through your work and your listings. I've idolized your work and longed to find the things you list in your store. I admire your creativity and professionalism. When I read your blog tonight it broke my heart to hear about your husband. I am recently laid off and have only a small business on eBay or I would gladly hit the button to donate. If I lived closer I would offer to keep your store up to date and keep your excellent seller rating excellent. I'm sorry but all I can offer is prayer, but I can offer a lot of it. Shelley, you and Hugh have a very long road ahead. As a former RN I know just what is happening. You are going to have days with good news and God bless you you'll have a very few with less than good news. If Hugh has a closed head injury you'll both have to deal with the future with all the love and temperament you can muster as his frustrations may manifest in sudden bouts of anger that are not in his control. Grab your whits and know he does not mean it. He loves you, I can see it in your blog. Keep you strength up Shelley, your life has changed but whoever you call your maker remember this...he will never deal you more than you can handle. I am praying for you and will continue to.Sorry to run on, a stranger

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