July 2, 2010

My husband Hugh, night #11, Critical Condition, but hit a big step!!

What a GREAT day! I always call the nurse the minute I wake up to see how Hugh did during the night. She said nothing eventful during the night, however he had his eyes open most the morning. They were reducing his Versed (the amnesia) meds to arouse him some to see if would be able to handle the weaning process. I couldn't wait to get up to the hospital.

As usual, my morning was soooo filled with tons of phone calls, and busy work at home. Mom picked me up as usual, and we arrived at his room around noon. I walked in and he turned his head and looked straight at me!!! OH MY GOD, I about died. I rushed over and he was very agitated, however he could focus in on me a bit. I got a few shakes of his head (not consistently) when I asked him questions. I learned towards the end he just wanted to be left in peace. I know he didn't want me to to go but he was exhausted, he only wanted me there to hold him, and not make him do commands or shake his head at me. Here is the REALLY GOOD stuff. The nurse told me he had breathed on his own for 2 HOURS earlier that morning! They don't remove the breathing tube to do this, they just turn off the machine or something like that.

His nurse said he would be exhausted from doing that as it's equivalent to say you or me walking jogging 20 miles for the first time without any training etc.

I got to see Dr. Levin, the pulmonary doc. He said their goal is to get those lungs much more healthy so he can have his surgeries next week (finish off his pelvis and the lastest, the left knee). 

He STILL has his fever, today down to 99.9, but when I left tonight, 101.4.

I left tonight as Mom drove me home, like she always does, feeling MUCH MORE AT PEACE, because Hugh was resting and peaceful as they had his Versed back on.

I am even by myself and I'm ok. Sam is with the gang, and that's ok. I want some normalcy in her life even if I don't have it. Of course ALL my angels have contacted me today, and even if they aren't with me physically, they are with my mentally and around my neck on a necklace. Memphis is next to me as I type this, and that is comforting. He misses his Daddy so much :(

Oh sweetheart! What a milestone day for you. I am so proud of you. You breathed on your own for 2 hours. I am so happy and this gives me so much hope. When I walked in your room your icy blue eyes is all I could see and it melted my heart darling. I still know we have a longggggggggggggggggggg way ahead of us, but it's the little baby steps that is going to get us there. I decorated your room today with a posterboard of pictures of all of us. It's not much but at least it will cheer the room up a bit. I tried so hard to cuddle with you tonight, you were so hot, and I was trying to comfort you by cooling your head down with cool clothes. You were sleeping peacefully sweety. 

I tried to get up on the step stool next to your bed and lay across your tummy, but I was afraid I would hurt your broken ribs. I just laid my head down on your sweet hand instead. Don't worry sweetheart about me, I'm doing so good. Everyone is making sure of this. Mom is at my constant side from the minute she picks me up until she drops me off at home. I don't know what I would do without her. 

 I love you, I need you and I miss you so terribly. I want you home so badly that is kills me. I have been playing Queen constantly because that is our favorite band and I find so much comfort from this. Goodnight sweetheart, until tomorrow. 
If you are so inclined to help with medical expenses, bills. You can donate through this yellow donate button.


Stefanie said...

I have been following your daily updates and praying for your hubby. Hoping he makes a full recovery...stay strong!

kaylee said...

awww i am glad he is making progress i have bben reading everyday though i dont always comment!

kaylee said...

awww i am glad he is making progress i have bben reading everyday though i dont always comment!

Anonymous said...

Shelley.. so happy that your husband was able to breathe on his own for a couple hours... that is GREAT! and it brings you some much needed peace of mind. hugs and thoughts and prayers for you, Hugh.. and the rest of your family. Hoping for more good news this wknd for you all! ~ kim

Suzidk said...

Proof how huge a small step can be. Huge!I hope every morning you wake up to another good step Shelley.
I hope we all can pitch in & help you -just did the math- between followers who RT their followers who chip in $5.00 to your PayPal equals enough to lighten one important burden for you.
I'm not typically a pushy person. I've just changed! You know you have our prayers. Now I want you to have the lack of something else- the worry of how your bills will be paid.
Your blog is the first thing I read when I wake up. We're here for you Shelley; in thought, in prayer & hopefully a bit of fundraising to see you through.

Jean aka ffjewelry on twitter said...

The power of prayer at work! Things are looking up!

Deborah said...

I found your post on Twitter...my heart goes out to you and your husband. I will follow your updates from now on.

Thankful that he is making progress, that is good news!I will be praying for you and your family for strength, encouragement and a miracle of healing.
Peace, Love and Blessings

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