July 5, 2010

My Husband Hugh, Night 14, Critical condition, Excellent News!!!!

Today has been 2 weeks since the accident and today we hit the biggest milestone. Mom and I walked in today to his room and he had no breathing tube in. His nurse knew we were on our way so it was a surprise. Mom and I started sobbing with joy. Hugh was awake and reached out to me with his good arm and I was able to kiss him. We noticed he didn't have his feeding tube in and we were told he removed it himself....oops. The nurse called the doctor and the doctor said to do a swallow test tomorrow to see if he can tolerate swallowing on his own. Apparently he will have his surgery probably later in the week on his pelvis and knee.

I have been crying tears of joy all day long. I am now confident that he is going to be OK. We have a VERY long road ahead, and this I realize. I'll take today and run with it! THANK GOD!
Dear Hugh,
Darling, as I write this, it's been 2 weeks to the day since I have spoke with you physically. The pain is no longer there in my heart. Today, you even "laughed" a "smile" on your face when I told Greg you took out your feeding tube, almost like you were proud of yourself for doing so! You reached out to me with your good arm, and I got to kiss on you. Do you remember this? I cried, no, sobbed in your face and told you how much I love you and how much you mean to me. You just looked at me with those beautiful crystal blue eyes of yours, and reassured me. I could feel it darling.

I told you I would bring the portable DVD player, and some DVD's up and we'll watch a movie together. I didn't realize the nurse was behind me when I whispered in your ear that I would sneak in some chocolate for you, you smiled, and she said "no you won't". That was so funny we all laughed, well, you didn't, you just smiled. You are trying to talk but it comes out really gruff and mumbled.

Samantha thought you were so funny that she got so tickled because you were acting so kind of goofy. It's the good drugs you are on darling.

Ohhh, what a day! It's the best day I've had in a long time. I'm on cloud nine and didn't even have to take but one Atavan this morning.

I can't wait to get up to be at the hospital to spend the day with you. I love you so much it just hurts me so much that I had to leave you. You looked at me when I was crying telling you this saying goodbye, and do you remember this? You said "I understand" then you said "be careful". Well, I think this is what you said.

I love you my darling Hugh.
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JW said...

That's soooo AWESOME Shelley!!!:)

JW said...

That's sooo AWESOME Shelley!!! :)

John and Kristen

Jean aka ffjewelry on twitter said...

That is such awesome news Shelley!!! Still praying for your husband and will continue to keep him in my prayers until he is home!

Lisa said...

This is amazing!!!! Prayers DO work!!! Such awesome news!!!

dvgvintage.com said...

Oh Shelley, that is such great news that Hugh was awake yesterday when you arrived!! I too am crying tears of joy for you both. May God continue to Bless You and You, Hugh and your family are in my constant prayers.

Hang in there!!

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