July 6, 2010

My Husband Hugh, Night 15, CCU, however STABLE!

Hugh is doing incredible. He passed the "swallow" test and is eating! He ate a few bites of mashed potatoes, gravy, sliced beef, vanilla ice cream, orange juice. Today I sat all day in his room at his side. He is so confused (it's the Fentanyl and somewhat withdrawals). They will slowly wean him onto Morphine I am told. He was seeing prehistoric dinosaurs this afternoon. No kidding, I watched him as he tried to describe them to me, I couldn't help but laugh and he kept wondering why I was laughing.

Hugh is not agitated, however, he gets restless when I'm not in the room. Being an ex-nurse, he seems to very concerned with his treatment for some reason, and is questioning me constantly with worrisome, about what is going to happen to him when I leave the room or gone for periods of time. This breaks my heart.

At 8:30 pm, they wheeled him into for an MRI of his neck, as he's had this neck brace on and can't remove it until they are sure there is nothing broken/hurt in his neck.

It's been an exhausting day for me, and I can only imagine it's going to get worse. He can't feed himself yet, because of his right arm broken, and his left arm is still very wobbly.

They are doing breathing treatments on him to strengthen his lungs. He still has pneumonia, but they are on top of it. His temperature is breaking!!! Only 99.5 today.

His surgery is scheduled for Friday morning for his pelvis. I got to see today his incision on the front part of the pelvis. it's about 12 inches long, just above his groin. So now, they will have to open him up on the back to fix the back of his pelvis. :(
Apparently the left knee with not have surgery (as of now), and will be seen by "sports" medicine, WTH that means.

I am trying mentally to prepare for a long road ahead of me. Right now, though I just want to get through with each day.

Dear Hugh,
Oh sweety, what a great day you had! I got to hear all about your prehistoric dinosaurs in your room. You were tripping big time. It was so funny. You would catch yourself, look at me, and smile. It was so cute. As I write this, I am so worried about you. I know you are probably back in your room from having the neck MRI and probably wondering why I'm not there. I hope your sweet night nurse Kim, reassures you that you are fine, and I know you are in the hospital (apparently last night you kept telling her that I needed to know that you were in hospital). Bless your heart, you were worried about me not knowing if I knew you were in the hospital.

Darling, Papa, Mom, Andrea and Samantha saw you today. So many other people have been up the hospital, but not quite ready yet to see you. They want to see you when you'll remember their visit. Pastor Garry even visited you and you let him say a prayer! He asked you if you wanted communion and you said yes! However he couldn't give it to you because you had not had your "swallow" test yet. He said he'll try to come back on Thursday to give you communion.

I miss you even though I was with you all day. Kim is with me tonight and staying the night with me. I let Samantha spend the night with her friends. I want some normalcy in her life.

I miss you, I love you, I need you....forever yours darling.

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1 comment:

Suzidk said...

This is the first time in over two weeks I've read you nightly blogs & didn't cry Shelley! This is so wonderful!
Hugh is going to be so touched one day to read what you've been doing every night- your love for him pours through every blog~
And he will laugh at the funny things he did while on these mind altering pain meds.
Hugh's medical needs (upcoming) - like seeing a sport medicine Spcialist (DR.) for his knee is a good call on their part. I'm a big believer in having Dr.s who specialize in a particular area- they have tons more practice at one thing than treating multiple issues.

I hope friends keep pushing that yellow donate button for you both~
So you can be with him & not worry about how you're going to handle bills with neither of you working.
You have a long haul in front of you~ Just know we're all pulling for you both, every day.
I hope we keep hearing a great baby step every night!

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