July 9, 2010

My Husband Hugh, Night #18 CCU, Surgery Today

Hugh had his surgery on his pelvis today, and did fine. He is intubated again (breathing tube), however I was assured (hopefully) it will be removed tomorrow. As of now, the next plan is to get him stable and Dr. Warden (another orthopedic doctor) will look at his knee during the week and determine if he needs surgery on that or just therapy etc. Because the knee is more "ligament" damage, then bone fractures, this is why this doctor will be called in.

Nothing is being said about him being moved out of ICU/CCU because of Hugh's state of confusion. Dr. Zinar (the ortho surgeon) that when he's ready to be moved (could be later in the week), that it might be on the head trauma floor or orthopedic floor. I think because of Hugh's confusion, coordination with his good hand etc., they want to be sure he has no head/brain trauma/injury. Ok.. here we go. I'm not going to let this freak me out, I think they are just playing caution because of the amount of trauma he had in his accident. I'm good with this.

So, we just take it day by day. Dr. Zinar (the ortho surgeon), told me today (just what Dr. Levin told me yesterday), that Hugh is "remarkable" and is his progress is "remarkable" and that he didn't think Hugh would be here today. This made me realize even more the reality of Hugh's condition almost 3 weeks ago, that he wasn't expected to survive this. I guess maybe I didn't want to know, and didn't ask the question. I know now he WILL survive and it's going to be a LONGGGGGGGGG LONGGGGGGGGGG journey ahead, but one that Hugh and I will go down together.

I am so proud of you. You were awake tonight with that damn breathing tube in and it scared me, however YOU were fine with it. You kept giving me and your nurse (Melissa), the "thumbs up". You were even OK with your good hand tied down, and you understood that it was for your own good as to not pull out the breathing tube. You kept trying to say "I love you" and I could read your lips this. Your arm is back in the sling and you kept touching your heart to then pointing to me, showing you how much you loved me.

I am so happy you allowed a catholic priest come in today and bless you. He wanted to give you communion, however, you couldn't because you couldn't have anything to eat or drink before surgery. You even met with the hospital chaplain intern, who asked you if it's ok if she comes back for you to visit, and you said yes!

I told you I would be back as soon as they let me and we would watch Austin Powers on your portable DVD. I'll bring it, but will see how you feel about watching it.

I pray they take the breathing tube out tomorrow. I pray and hope you have a peaceful, pain free night. I pray you be home with me, and I want you, I need you, and love you forever darling........

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