July 10, 2010

My Husband Hugh, Night #19 CCU, Good Day!

Got a phone call about 9:55 am, nurse had Hugh on the phone as I was in the hospital on my way up to his room. He wanted to surprise me with his voice. They removed the breathing machine. I was so happy, as much as that breathing machine is saving his life, I just hate it. He hopefully is free of it until the next surgery (I hope).

He ate lunch and dinner, and surprisingly, ate bites of salad and steamed vegetables (most our close friends know Hugh won't touch a vegetable unless they are peas). He is on a mission to "get healthy" so his body starts healing properly. Bless his heart.

As far as pain goes, they still have him on Fentanyl and raised it as needed. Today was the first real day he struggled with pain and being very uncomfortable. With so many broken bones, it's hard to find a comfortable spot. With a 10 inch incision across his lower back, across his lower tummy as well, a broken pelvis,broken femur, screwed up knee, broken foot/toes, broken humerus arm, dislocated shoulder, broken ribs, broken lower back, he's doing pretty darn well. God love him. He doesn't complain, he's so compliant with the nurses, and just is the sweetest thing ever.

Dear Hugh,
I am sooooooooooo proud of you. You ARE SO AMAZING. The nurses love you and wish all their patients were so nice, kind, and sweet. You saw Melissa, Greg, Sam, Papa, Mom, and myself today. SOOO MANY PHONE CALLS TOO from everyone. I just want to say, how much I love you, and I was so upset leaving you tonight, but felt at peace when I peaked back in your room and you were asleep.

You know, honey, each night I come home, I sob the whole way home knowing I have to come home to no Hugh. I just can't wait for the day, you get to be at home again. Memphis is depressed and chewing his hair out. I don't know what to do. I can't take him to a vet right now. I just pray he'll be OK.

Goodnight my sweetheart, until the morning. I hope you rest well, and have a less painful night and sleep comfortably. I miss you so much the pain is getting unbearable........

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Marie Jett Designs said...

Hugh eating salad and veggies touched my heart SO much. Much love to both of you from John and I. xoxo, Kristen

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