July 13, 2010

My Husband Hugh, Night #22 In Hospital

Hugh pulled out his PICC-LINE last night in the middle of the night, it took them 3 times today to get it back in place. He doesn't remember doing it. Bless his heart. He felt better today, and that's probably because he didn't have all his meds (4 different antibiotics) running through his veins) until they got the PICC line put back in. His confusion seems to be getting better! I am happy about this.

I had a complete meltdown last night and it took me a while to get going this morning. I didn't get to the hospital until 11:00 or so :( I missed out on his physical therapy but was there when they started OT (occupational therapy). They practiced with him dialing my cell phone number and he got it right one time! I was so tickled.

Dr. Warden one of Hugh's orthopedic doctors (who actually treats Samantha for her hip problems) is Hugh's newest doctor. He told me that Hugh's fibula is broken (that we knew of already) and major trauma to the tendons, joints and soft tissue (he used words I didn't understand). He needs surgery, but is going to wait 2 months for the fibula to heal as the "stuff" to reconstruct his leg/knee will hook on to the fibula, so this needs to heal first. I totally trust Dr. Warden, he's one of the best around.

Dr. Levin, the respiratory doctor said his recent "sniff test" was conclusive that Hugh has a paralyzed diaphragm and well, basically, people can live somewhat normal lives with one diaphragm. Alrighty then, whatever this means!

We have be SO BLESSED with the top of the line doctors, from the trauma team to the ortho docs, respiratory doc, and infectious disease doctor. ALL are heads of their departments. SOMEONE is looking after us.

Dear Hugh,

I am so proud of you. You are just amazing the doctors with your progress! You are so strong and you have that will to get better. I caught you even practicing your little leg exercises and arm exercises! I left you tonight to have dinner which was the first time in over 3 weeks I have been out (other then the yard-sale fundraiser 3 weeks ago).

I went to La Strada (who is also the ones that donated the pizzas to the yard-sale AND is donating a portion of their profits to your "Hugh's Bite Nite" on July 26. I can't wait for you to meet Lisa Ramelow, (the owner). She is so gracious and one of the most beautifully spirited and generous people I've ever met. I even got to reunite with Bonnie Lowenthal and she is so gracious, and asked how you were doing, and how Samantha was doing with all this. What a lady!

Anyhow, I was with my Angels, Kim, Melissa, Andrea and Greg was there too! It was Kim's birthday so we decided to take her to
La Strada to celebrate. She is spending the night with me too. I just love her. I sure needed this, even for the 2.5 hours away, it did me good. I was totally relaxed, we laughed, and joked, and had a beautiful time.

Deep down, I missed you and kept looking at the time and couldn't wait to get back to you. When I did, you were being moved position, and settling in. You konked out on me as you have hardly any sleep in the past week.

I am anxious to get another peaceful sleep (the Atavan worked well for this last night) and will try to get up earlier to be with you sweety.

I need you, I want you, I miss you, and most of all, I love you with all my heart.....the pain away is killing me sweety.
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