July 16, 2010

My Husband Hugh, Night #25 In Hospital

I came home at 6:30 am this morning to sleep, until 10:30. I was "rushed" into going touring some skilled nursing facilities by Memorial's discharge unit. I wasn't too happy about this, and not accepting of it mentally. I was pissed. Anyhow, then after much reflection, I know they wanted to do this so I was the one to choose which rehab facility Hugh will go into and I am so happy I did.

I toured three of them, and was disgusted by the first one. I was in tears and felt hopeless. Thank God my Mom was with me, she got me through this horrible task. We proceeded to the next two, and with each one it got better. I have decided on one, and I have to keep telling myself, this is SHORT TERM and not life long.

For privacy reasons, please don't ask me where or which ones I liked or not like. I chose the one I saw fit for Hugh and am going with it on gut instinct, and some recommendations. Remember, also I have to choose one that my insurance permits as well. DAMN THIS AMERICAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. How dare they dictate treatment. Don't get me started.

I went back to the hospital after this long daunting day to see my sweetheart. He was so cute. He called me while I was in the last rehab facility arranging the paperwork. He told me he is not sure if he would still be "up" when I came back to the hospital. Well much to my surprise, bless his heart, he had been sitting UP in a recliner OUT OF BED for nearly TWO WHOLE HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God!

He was so tuckered out at 6:00 pm, he was ready to go to sleep. He told me to go home, rest, and get a good night's sleep and that is just what I intend to do.

Dear Hugh,
I am so proud of you. You trust my judgment on your aftercare. The doctors are AMAZED you are already ready for rehab. EVERYONE IS AMAZED. This shows YOUR true will at wanting to get better and at home with me darling.

This is going to be a longgggggggggggggggggggg road ahead of us with rehab, but the sooner you can be up and about, the sooner you can be home and then have out patient rehab. I just want you home! I need you, I miss you, I love you so much........
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LockeDown said...

Glad to hear your husband is doing better!

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