July 27, 2010

My husband Hugh, Night #36, Critically Injured, Now in Rehab

Good day today. Hugh is eating, however, only about 1/3 of his meals. That's ok, he says he needs to lose a few pounds anyhow ;)

Not too much in way of physical therapy, as it's a slooooooooooow process. Just getting him up in his wheelchair, and "recliner/Geri" chair is therapy in itself. The PT's are doing arm and leg exercises with him in his chair. Thursday we see the orthopedic surgeon to have his back staples removed (from his last pelvic surgery), and the PT is coming to talk to the orthopedic surgeon about Hugh. Hugh's PT is awesome. If you are reading this Stephanie.. we love you!

Today, Hugh wanted to see his helmet, so I reluctantly brought it in to the hospital. He didn't have any emotions, he just said he felt "detached" and was surprised it wasn't more banged up. I on the other hand, keep it sitting on our table as a centerpiece as a reminder of how lucky I am to have him alive. I can't bear to get rid of it and don't think I ever will.

One more day under our belts, and one more day closer to getting Hugh home. Some doctor said 3 months before he is home, I WILL PROVE HIM WRONG.
Dear Hugh,
Yep sweety, one more day under our belt and one more day closer to getting you home! I am all alone tonight. Mom had to go home, to get some stuff done, and well, that's ok. Sam is swimming and I want her to have some normalcy in her life, even if we don't.

Memphis misses you. I know you miss him too. I think Saturday will be good for you to have him visit you.

The house is so empty, so horribly lonely, even with company, or my Mom here. I didn't cry on my way home tonight. You will be proud of me.

I did have a moment though. For some reason, as I sat in the parking lot of Walmart getting ready to go get your new eyeglasses (that were destroyed in the accident), I had flashbacks of June 21, and things are coming back to me. I remember the ride in Amanda's car going to the hospital, and looking in the back seat and seeing tears streaming down Samantha's face, of the unknown of what we were about to face when we were rushed to Memorial trauma. I don't remember too much before that or a lot after that.

Anyhow, darling, please hurry and get better. Come home, I need you, I can't bear this! I love you forever............
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