July 29, 2010

My husband Hugh, Night #38, Critically Injured, Now in Rehab

Ok, today was a MUCH BETTER DAY!! I met the ambulance who transported Hugh to his orthopedic surgeon's office, along with Hugh's physical therapist (Thank you Stephanie!). Dr. Zinar, who is one of the top surgeons, saw Hugh and said.."I see you are still alive". I just burst into laughter. Then he said, "I heard before your accident you spoke with an American accent". Again, hysterical laughs!!!!!!!! Anyhow, great office, great doctor and wonderful staff (THANK YOU T.G). ;)

Dr. Zinar said, Hugh can put 100% weight bearing on his right arm/shoulder! OH MY GOSH! This means, he can start getting strength and then....... BED TO WHEELCHAIR, WHEELCHAIR TO BED transfers, which means THE SOONER HUGH CAN BE HOME! Can you see how excited I am?

Hugh can start 50% weight bearing on each leg at a time, not sure what this means, but hey, I am happy with the 100% weight bearing on his right arm .. THANK YOU GOD!

I finally took a few hours for myself today. I ran errands went home, had lunch with Samantha, and had a 2 hour nap! Then I went up the the hospital to see Hugh around 3:45 and stayed until 7:30.

I feel good. I am going to work on a new schedule for myself, and Hugh likes this too. I need to do this for myself.
Dear Hugh,
ONE MORE STEP closer to home sweety!!! ONE MORE STEP! As Melissa said.. no, 10 MORE STEPS! Yay! You zonked out on my at 7:30 once you were put back into bed. You had a long day, but a good day. YOU KEEP FIGHTING and I mean it. I want you home now!

We even talked about dinner tomorrow night. You are craving Indian food, and you will get Indian food darling! I am here to spoil you rotten, and don't you forget it.

Kenny Elmore (the author of One Second) called you and got to speak to you. I even spoke to his lovely wife Wendy. We have A LOT in common. I think she will be a good support for me.

Hurry sweety and get better. I need you, I want you home. Please hurry.... I love you forever...........

If you are so inclined to help with Hugh's medical expenses and our mounting bills, you can donate to us by clicking the yellow donate button:

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