July 30, 2010

My husband Hugh, Night #39, Critically Injured, Now in Rehab

Well, I think the roller coaster might have stopped for a bit! ANOTHER GREAT DAY! Ok, I didn't get up to the hospital until about 2:30, Hugh was napping. He had, get this, already been up in his wheelchair for 2 hours, WHEELED IT BY HIMSELF in the hall. The lidocaine patches seem to help his butt/pelvis along with the new pain meds (Naprosyn) INSTEAD of that crap Norco.

He slept on and off until 4:00 pm, and Papa came by. Hugh got up again in his wheelchair (well, not by himself), but did it for another 2 hours and ate INDIAN FOOD he had been craving. Unfortunately his taste-buds are off, and he only had a few bites (guess who is having Indian food for leftovers) :)

Just all in all a very good day, and I can NOW begin to see a little beam of light down that very long tunnel.

Dear Hugh,

Ohhhh you were so sweet today! You had your shirt on that didn't fit you (you lost so much weight)! I am so anxious for you to get home! I cannot believe how much you are using your bad arm, and before you know it, you will be transferring yourself from bed to wheelchair on your own. You know what this means right??? HOME.

Please hurry sweety and get HOME. Memphis misses you so much. Sam misses you, I miss you, and most of all.....I LOVE YOU FOREVER.............

If you are so inclined to help with Hugh's medical expenses and our mounting bills, you can donate to us by clicking the yellow donate button:

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Anonymous said...


I am so glad that things are starting to get better for you and your Hugh!

Did the nurses provide one of those donut pillows or egg crate foam pads for him to sit on?

I know from my own experience with severe injuries that sitting is the most painful position to be in. I told my doctors that lying down was excruciatingly painful, standing was unbearable, and sitting was beyond unbearable. They told me all their patients with spinal and pelvic injuries say the same thing.

I think wheelchairs are the most uncomfortable things to sit on anyway...try it yourself. You will be surprised by how much more uncomfortable they are than a regular chair. Also much more difficult to get out of.

I am amazed that he is able to wheel himself about a bit already. I am cheering him on. Way to go Hugh!

Ooh watch out for that Naprosyn.


You and Hugh will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Lauren (they took away the inkFrog forums, again)

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