July 31, 2010

My husband Hugh, Night #40, Critically Injured, Now in Rehab

Saturdays are lazy at the rehab hospital. Not too much goes on in way of therapy, as everyone is gone for the weekend. Today he got in his chair for nearly 3 hours. Being across the street from Memorial Hospital we attempted to go for a little walk to the hospital.

Being the land is on a HILL mind you, was not the easiest task for me. I pushed him all the way over the hospital. The staff at the front desk check in knew me right away, and got a little teary eyed when they saw WHO I had been visiting for nearly a month in that hospital.

We proceeded up to the dreaded 7th floor. This is the CCU/ICU floor. I broke down in the elevator as it was very emotional for me. Reliving that nightmare, however, it was moving too. On the 7th floor there is a receptionist as just anyone cannot go back into CCU/ICU, and she immediately knew who I was. We told her we were there to surprise the CCU/ICU nurses. There were 4 there that recognized Hugh, and Hugh knew 2 of them from the last few days he was semi conscious before he left that floor.

It was very emotional, teary eyed, and just awesome. They were so happy to see Hugh. Not too many people leave that floor alive, and they were so thankful to him for coming back for a "visit". He thanked each one for "saving his life", again, tears flowed.

I took him down to the cafeteria to see where I ate everyday my meals, and we ran into Dr. Leven. Oh, how wonderful that was. Dr. Leven's face just lit up to see one of his patients up and about in a wheelchair already!

We will head back tomorrow for lunch on the patio at Memorial, and later in the week so Hugh can see Patrick. One of the CCU nurses that really hit it off with Hugh the last day Hugh was in CCU.
Dear Hugh,
I'm tired, this is short. I am so proud of you and you are SKINNY now and lookin' good babe! You went from a 3X down to a 1X and soon to be in an XL. Not the way to lose your weight this diet.

Please hurry and get better. I need you, I want you home! I love you forever darling........
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Anonymous said...

Shelley, I just heard about Hugh's accident a few days ago. Nobody deserves such injuries but especially not a great guy like Hugh. He is fortunate, though; he has a great woman with him every step of the way.

Charlie Smith

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