July 24, 2010

My Husband Hugh. Words From HIM. Night #33

Hugh wants me to share directly from him the following. He says, by what the the community, family and friends are doing is providing a direct lifeline to him by allowing me to be by his side day and night, and thus wanting to survive and continue.

The following is directly from Hugh quote/unquote (I wrote it up at the hospital and copied it here):

"To the community, family and all our friends. These donations, support, love, thoughts and prayers are enabling Shelley to be here day and night when I need her. Without these I don't think I could or can survive without her. If you knew the gratitude I feel, you would only understand how important this is to me. All I can do is lie here and make inadequate thank yous that will never truly cover what this means to me. One thing this has taught me, is to step back to reevaluate my life and what is really important such as family and friends".

This is all Hugh said, as he got very emotional, and was crying while he was trying to say what he wanted to say. Let me just tell you, this has forever changed him, and he is so very grateful for everything EVERYONE is doing for us. He told me he would and will give up if it wasn't for me being by his side. By your continued support, love, donations and prayers, we are managing. God Bless You All.
If you are so inclined to help with Hugh's medical expenses and our mounting bills, you can donate to us by clicking the yellow donate button:

The following is from Lisa Ramelow owner of La Strada Restaurant:
The Worst Day of My Life was.....
Jan. 2, 1991 (the day before)

....January 3, 1991.

I remember every painful minute, every second. But I also remember the kindnesses: my sister Teresa helping me walk the most difficult 10 feet of my life, my friend Angie nursing my infant daughter during the funeral.

I'm sure you all have a "worst day of your life" too.

Hugh and Shelley

June 21, 2010 was the worst day of Shelley Brice-Boyle's life. On that day, her husband Hugh was in a serious motorcycle accident. He has remarkably survived, but the situation has seriously compromised the family's financial situation, not to mention causing emotional havoc as well.

On Monday, July 26, 2010, you can help. Dine at any of the following restaurants: Marri's Pizza, Naples Rib Company, or at my restaurant, La Strada. 20% of all the proceeds from that day's sales will be donated to Shelley and her family. At La Strada we will be offering complimentary bruschetta to all who attend.

Can't afford to eat out? That's OK. Just come for the bruschetta, meet Shelley and offer words of comfort and support, even if you don't know her.

Our lives can change in a moment. Hers did. Let's help.

You can also keep updated at her blog here:


On a lighter note: How often is the answer to the following question a resounding YES....
"You mean if I drink more wine I am helping somebody??"

See you Monday....:)

xoxoxox Lisa

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paige easley said...

shelley i cant go to hughs bite nite but i send my prays and love with u day through day i <3 u!!! xoxo, paige

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