August 2, 2010

My husband Hugh, Night #42, Critically Injured, Now in Rehab

Wow, can you believe it's been 42 days.. 6 WEEKS since the worst day of our lives happened on June 21.

I am having to start back work this week, Hugh understands, and well, we have no choice. Hugh's days are filled with therapy so I'll go up to the hospital around 2 or 3 pm and stay through the evening until he gets into bed.

Ok, today! WOW! He wheeled himself around the WHOLE HOSPITAL floor by himself. It's a "square" building, but the hall circles the whole place. He did a complete circle. I was soooooooooooo proud, of course, I cried. They worked more on his arm, and was supposed to start ultrasound therapy on his shoulder to "loosen" it up a bit, but tomorrow this will happen.

Spoke with the speech therapist today. She and the rehab physician both think Hugh did suffer some brain trauma (TBI). He had to have, with the amount of trauma he had, and coupled with the fact he doesn't remember a thing about the accident (as he was coherent and conscious) when Trauma brought him into the trauma unit to ER. So as I have mentioned before, we are learning "new stuff" that has or is happening to him along the way. This will be further investigated of course.

So, Hugh wanted to go over to Memorial for a late lunch/early dinner. So on our way down to the cafeteria, we run into one of the head Trauma nurses who is a complete ANGEL. Cheri (not sure the correct spelling). It was an emotional meeting. Hugh got to talk with her again in depth about what he remembers in his coma. She found it fascinating, then offered as Hugh was quite curious about the Trauma/ER unit he was brought in. I was very emotional about this, scared and reluctant. However, I must go on for Hugh. I walked in, and to the right was room 39/40/41. Cheri walked is in, I buckled at my knees and broke down pretty much hysterical. I never got to see the "area" where the Trauma team saved Hugh's life, and 6 weeks later to the day, I did. I told Hugh, I lived it, while he doesn't remember a thing, so that is why I think I am so emotional or was so emotional over it. He was/is very "detached" about the whole thing. Brain injury? Trauma from not remembering? I don't know.

Then leaving the Trauma unit, we went over to radiology where I first saw Hugh. This is where my family and friends were gathered with me, waiting for Dr. Jones to come out and tell me where the bleeding was coming from. He left me go into see Hugh, and this is where I saw Hugh lying on the table, with his jeans covered in blood and a huge pool of blood on the floor. I lost it again. My knees buckled just like they did when Officer Moody came and knocked on my door that dreadful June 21 day saying "your husband has been in a serious accident". I relived that nightmare all over again today.. only for a few minutes.

Hugh felt much better today. The hot/cold surges were less and I am so anxious to see him tomorrow. These nights are so long and lonely, and days are long until I see him.
Dear Hugh,
Well, I'm wiped out. You being the inquisitive you, wanted to see the Trauma unit. Darling, I must say, I wasn't ready, however now I am glad I did see it. I got to see where your life was saved. Those doctors and nurses are ANGELS sent from heaven above.
As I have said before I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. You keep fighting and get better soon. I want you home, I need you home, I love you forever...........
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Everything Coastal said...

So excited to see Hugh's progress, and your progress also. You are both on the road to recovery! Thinking of you...


melissakeyesdesign said...

So proud of Hugh....:) So proud of you....

I love you both! Melissa

Suzidk said...

Dear Shelley, I hope this helps. Harry doesn't remember a thing about being in the hospital, ICU, the whole month. He doesn't remember the two ER visits before he was admitted. Different circumstances I know, but both your precious husband & mine (they're brains took a beating) Now 6 weeks later, bits & pieces are coming back. The good news is none of this means permanent damage, just feels like it & we're all so used to getting answers when we want them when it involves the people we love the most. Patience is the hardest part but I'm working on that & you're doing an amazing job of holding up. Buckling knees just means your heart is so big!

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