August 3, 2010

My husband Hugh, Night #43, Critically Injured, Now in Rehab

Day was filled with more therapy and started "bed / board to wheelchair transfer" to practice a bit. Stephanie (Hugh's physical therapist) told me 3 to 4 more weeks yet before he will be able to stand up and have some use of his legs. In the meantime, strengthening, and doing the bored/bed to wheelchair transfers, getting his right arm strengthened, and speech therapy (and cognitive stuff).

Dietitian came in because she was concerned with Hugh's weight loss. He is only eating nearly 50% of his food, so he promised her to drink an Ensure with each meal. He now weighs 235 pounds, the day of his accident, he was pretty big, at around 285 or so. He needs to lose weight, but not like this. He needs calories/energy to heal. He agrees.
Dear Hugh,
Long day for you, I know. You are doing me so proud. I know you are worn out early, and you are discouraged by this. I had to remind YOU to not be so hard on YOU about this. Your body is still healing, you are up at 6 AM, and that is most likely with broken sleep through the night etc.

It was good seeing Jonathon, Henry and his wife, Mom and Papa today! You even spoke to Melissa on the phone. She had good news to share with me/us.

I am discouraged knowing you will be in there for another month at least. Let's prove them wrong! OK? Please hurry and get better, I want you home, I need you home, and I love you forever darling.......
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