August 5, 2010

My husband Hugh, Night #45, Critically Injured, Now in Rehab

I got to see Hugh do a "board" wheelchair to bed transfer! The idea is for him to use a "slide" board under his butt, and scoot over to the bed on it on his own. Tomorrow physical therapy will practice with me so I can assist Hugh in doing this, so we don't have to rely on the nursing assistants to come in and HOIST him in that hoist thing to bed. Which is quite an ordeal. Hugh has to wait sometimes up to an HOUR for the nursing staff to do this! Unacceptable in my books. Anyhow, not much longer and he and I can do it, then he by himself.

His tummy has been playing up. However, had a good day today with it. He had his 3 Ensures, and eating little bits of food (but a good breakfast)!

We went over to Memorial Hospital tonight, and he got to see more of his nurses, like Patrick, Max, Pretty surfer blonde nurse, ;) and some other just incredible nurses. All those nurses 7th floor (CCU/ICU) are just INCREDIBLE. Well, ALL the nurses at Memorial are for the fact.
Dear Hugh,
I hope you have a good day tomorrow like you did today. We talked about how much we can't wait until we go on a much deserved mini-vacation after all this is over. You deserve it, I deserve it. Won't be able to afford it, but we can dream right!? Please hurry and get better, I want you home, I need you home, I love you forever darling.....(I didn't cry tonight leaving you, however last night, not so much).....
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