August 7, 2010

My husband Hugh, Night #47, Critically Injured, Now in Rehab

Saturday.. I don't like the weekends.. they DRAG on. Oh well, it's about Hugh, not me. Anyhow, got him to do bed to wheelchair and wheelchair to bed transfers on my own! Apparently, Hugh's PT gal Stephanie told him this morning, this week they will make it a goal for him to do this on his own. WOW! No more relying on the dang nursing assistance to HOIST him into the chair. Can you believe they aren't trained to do board transfers?

He still isn't eating much, however, he is trying to drink 2 to 3 Ensures a day, and he poor tummy is still very rumbley and queasy. He is learning to manage it though. If it's not one thing, it's another... bless his heart :(

Things in my opinion are moving ahead, Hugh feels the same way. He told me today he doesn't want to be a "burden" on me. This broke my heart. I hope I never ever give him that impression, because he is not. This is what we do for one another. This is what a woman does for her husband. This is what people who love each other do for one another. WE JUST DO IT. This is NOT about me, but about him.
Dear Hugh,
I pretty much said it above...what more can I say except I want you home. I need you home and I love you forever. Please hurry and get better darling....

If you are so inclined to help with Hugh's medical expenses and our mounting bills, you can donate to us by clicking the yellow donate button:

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