August 24, 2010

My husband Hugh, Night #65, Critically Injured, Now in Rehab

Kathleen from Marri's Pizza, without them this would have never happened. EAT THERE! You won't reget it! Photo Courtesy Of

Hugh and I. Photo, courtesy of

Hugh and and my life long best friend..sister, Andrea.

Hugh and owner of one of the local businesses.

Hugh and Bill Pearl of

One of my best friends, Melissa, selling raffle tickets. Thank you for your endless support my Angel.

Hugh and his miracle worker, Stephanie. His physical therapist. She is a gem and cannot thank her enough for her work, along with her team of other therapists. She may say, "Hugh is the one doing it", but I often remind her, SHE is the one who drives him, and knows her stuff to get him better! xoxoxo

I know I haven't written in a while. But to be honest, I am so burned out, it's all I can do is come home after working in the mornings, being at the hospital all day, come home, do more work, eat, and put my feet up for a little while. Yeah.. poor pitiful me.

Anyhow, some updates!!!

FIRST OFF.. A VERY BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE that participated on the 2nd HUGH'S BITE NITE at Marri's Pizza last night. Much to many surprises, Hugh was able to attend. We had to hire Long Beach Yellow Cab wheelchair van to pick him up and bring him back. I of course was very nervous but it all worked out! Thank you to a generous donation that came in, this allowed Hugh to be there. There were soooooooo many surprise faces, tears and happy moments!

Hugh was greeted by so many well wishers! People who saw him get hit in the intersection, people from all over the community, all my friends and family, some Facebook friends I have never met in "real life", and Twitter friends, and SO MANY OLD SCHOOL FRIENDS. You ALL are so amazing, and have become a special part in my life and will remain in my hearts forever! Some of the staff at his REHAB facility showed up!! Thank you Susan, Rachel and Stephanie!!! Of course their families and of course all my ANGELS were there.. .ANDREA, KIM AND MELISSA. xoxoxoxoxo

Hugh was greeted by the owner for the one of the businesses who told Hugh about what he saw. Let's just say, I wasn't prepared for what he told Hugh, and it took me back and wish I hadn't heard it. Hugh cried when he said the kids at the bus stop were traumatized by what they saw. Apparently Hugh flew and was thrown up in the air, in 3 circles before landing where he landed, which was in front of the bus stop by Taco Bell. He must have been hit pretty damn hard, well we already knew this by his injuries. You aren't injured like Hugh was with just someone creeping through in intersection. He FLEW and his bike was hit so hard it was down way down by Taco Bell's drive way.

Special VERY BIG THANK YOU to Bill Pearl of LBREPORT.COM for their continued support and beautifully written article. Thank you Kathleen and the workers of Marri's Pizza for doing a spectacular job and most delicious food!!! Melissa Keyes (one of my best friends) who of course organized this and the VERY SUCCESSFUL RAFFLE DRAWING (winners WILL be announced tomorrow!).

Ok, about HUGH! Since the last update, more strengthening and more transfers. Hugh was seen today by the orthopedic office and we got the GO AHEAD on 100% WEIGHT BEARING which means. HE CAN START WALKING. They had him up on the parallel bars, and even in a walker taking a few steps! His hardest part is getting him up right now. No strength, but his miracle worker Stephanie is working on him with this. His orthopedic doctor wants Hugh now to be seen with (Dr. Warden) the sports medicine doctor (just another term for specialized orthopedics) about his left knee and also worried about his shoulder/rotator cuff, needing an MRI and follow up. This will be done tomorrow. We already know surgery needs to be done on the left knee area, but something doesn't seem quite right maybe with the shoulder/rotator cuff. You are asking, why wasn't this done before, well, because, with the amount of injuries and broken bones that Hugh had, first things first.

So, I will update the blog tomorrow night (providing I am not worn out), about what Dr. Warden (the shoulder/knee doc) says. Until then....WALKING WALKING WALKING so Hugh can come home!
Dear Hugh!
I LOVE YOU!!!! To be honest, I thought by now, you would be home. I am more unrealistic as you know, but it's getting closer.. I can feel it. Last night you, I was just so darn proud of you.

If you are so inclined to help with Hugh's medical expenses and our mounting bills, you can donate to us by clicking the yellow donate button:

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