August 31, 2010

My husband Hugh, Night #71, Critically Injured, Now in Rehab

Let's first start, and yes, let me warn you, THIS IS ALL DOOM AND GLOOM AND OH WOE IS SHELLEY TIME. You were warned.

Well, after a pretty emotional day yesterday, and learning of the "bad news" about the nerve damage. I proceeded to have melt down after meltdown. Daughter comes home and her Jeep took a big $hit on the way home. Most likely alternator, hopefully just the battery. But we have THE bestestestest mechanic that works on the car now.. CHEAP. So, ok, breathe I say, I have to have this Jeep working because this is what Hugh can get into for car transfers. I proceeded to have a ANOTHER meltdown after she called me with this bit of news. I scream, I yell, I cuss, and I laid into someone totally innocent and was taken back my my emotions. I felt so bad about this. Anyhowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... melt down continues. I am at my computer, this is about midnight, I decide it's time for bed. I get up, leg is semi-asleep, and I take a step, and my leg as more asleep then I thought. I did not feel it bend and turn up inside me. Yes, I did it. I collapsed screaming in agony. No one is home. I lay there helpless for 15 minutes not knowing what to do. Finally after the leg subsided, I crawled and was able to reach the phone and called my daughter back home, thank God, her boyfriend lives around the block, and they came running home to find me on the floor. My foot was black and swollen. They got me to bed and iced it, and elevated and sat with me until I dozed off.

This morning I took myself to urgent care,where it was xrayed. I now am the proud owner of a 4 week foot brace that is removal, and no crutches. Thank God. Ligaments are torn a bit, and sprained. I'll live. However, this puts a *crutch* on being able to walk Hugh in his wheelchair.

Learned today, Hugh's LEFT leg is 1/2 inch shorter then right leg. Ok, no biggy. Hugh will wear a support in his shoe for this. Right leg was fitted for his "brace" and that should be here in the next day or two. This WILL hopefully enable him to be more steady and learn to walk better. Occupational therapy (Alex) who we both just love, is working hard with Hugh for Hugh's daily needs. Hugh was able to dress himself with little assistance today! This is another great step for Hugh.

If you are so inclined to help with Hugh's medical expenses and our mounting bills, you can donate to us by clicking the yellow donate button:


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