September 14, 2010

My husband Hugh, night #85, critically injured, still in rehab

Thought Hugh would be home this week. Not so. Hugh's nerve pain in his legs is beginning to become excruciating. Because his right leg has all/100%? nerve damage, the doctor said Hugh is experiencing "nerve" pain now. They have increased his nerve medicine and see how he does with this, and may need to add another medicine at night. I love love love love Dr. Marshall. He is so nice to me, and talk to me. He is never rushed and he "gets" it. He wants to have Hugh's pain "controlled" before he comes home. He mentioned Hugh probably will have to be seen at a pain management doctor next. Hugh is still using his wheelchair, but mostly walks in his walker from point A to point B. His goal is to eventually get rid of the walker and get down to a pedestal thingy cane, then to a normal cane. I told him we can pimp out his walker and cane for him.

We see Dr. Warden tomorrow to talk about the nerve damage, to talk about everything and what we do from here.

I tell you, I'm so upset, to see someone you love in excruciating pain is horrible and I can only imagine this is the beginning. I hope my appointment with the shrink next week will help me deal with all this stuff. I know I should have done this awhile ago, but I can't deal anymore. I am learning I need to take care of me now, so I can take care of Hugh.

My Dad is making the minor modifications to the shower, and built up our lounge chair for Hugh to sit in. It was too low. So to save us money, he built it up on a platform thingy. He thinks he can modify Hugh's computer chair for him too.

Dear Hugh,
Sweetheart, I hurt so much for you. I wish I could just take away all this pain and make it disappear. Maybe it's the Mother in me, but it breaks my heart. I hate seeing you in so much pain. I hope at home I can make it better for you, and right now, I will concentrate on trying to work in the house before you come home to help you. I wish you a pain-free, rested night darling. I hurt so much for you...........
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