September 15, 2010

My husband Hugh, night #86, critically injured, still in rehab

Well what a freaking scary day. I show up at 12:30 to pick up Hugh for his appointment with Dr. Warden to go over the nerve damage test results, among other things to talk about. When I got to the hospital, Hugh is in bed, and very upset. He never is in bed until bed time. Anyhow, he proceeded to tell me, on his ultrasound they did on his legs this morning, they discovered a blood clot (deep vein thrombosis) in his right femur vein area. He was put on mandatory bed rest until his doctor called. Dr. calls a little later and says not to worry, Hugh has a "filter" in him and they will give him blood thinners. Ok... whew!

So, I go over to Dr. Warden's office (just walking distance from the hospital) and talk to Dr. Warden about everything. Hugh's nerve compression (nerve damage) maybe irreversible, and most likely caused from spinal damage. So Hugh needs an MRI of his lower back/spine to see if the damage is "fixable". We will get this scheduled ASAP tomorrow. Then, his right shoulder needs manipulation under anesthesia. We will find out when this will be done tomorrow as well when I speak with Dr. Warden. What is so strange, this calcification area in his shoulder, happens in patients with TBI (traumatic brain injury) and/or spinal damage.

As for Hugh's excruciating pain, the new dose of nerve medicine seems to be doing the trick! Yeah!!!!! It is taking the edge off a LOT!

Just a few more "things" to add to the numerous "things" seriously wrong with my sweet dear Hugh.
I know you were upset today, and dammit you have every right to be. We will get through this together. I will be with you every step of the way. Someone in the orthopedic office told me today, a patient, who meant well, ask me why I was there. I told him about you. He said "at least he is alive". I said, yes, "at least he is alive", however I wanted to freaking scream and chew him alive. Some people don't get it. You are the one living this nightmare. You are the one dealing with your pain. No one will ever fully get it sweety, unless they are you and me. I love you with all my heart....we WILL get through this....................

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ed2you2 said...

OMG! Shelley! Keepin all kinds of good thoughts! I know you guys will persevere!

ed2you2 said...

OMG! Shelley! Sending all kinds of good thoughts your way! I know you will, persevere!

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