June 11, 2011

Vintage Peignoir's

In honor of the upcoming summer, warm breezy evenings, days by the pool, I thought I would write about something that is just begging to show off your inner most… the peignoir. The lovely Esther Williams wearing a sheer, dreamy peignoir as a swimsuit cover-up at the pool. This sure beats a towel or ugly terrycloth robe! Think about it! What a new trend.. wearing vintage peignoir's as a beach/bathing suit cover-up!

Picture courtesy of DixieDallas.

Now you may be asking yourself, why I would want to blog about something that hasn’t been in fashion since Darrin of Bewitched bought this fantastic Lucie Ann Claire Sandra Peignoir for nose twinkling Samantha. Apparently, the thought and idea of a woman in a floaty, sheer, chiffon nightgown isn’t quite as provocative in this day of flannel, sweats and tshirts.

Whenever I think of a old Hollywood vixen bombshell, I always picture her wearing a peignoir, much like the one pictured here on the amazing Miss Marilyn Monroe and Carole Landis wearing an amazing pleated peignoir.

Just what IS a peignoir you ask? Well, it is a robe or as the English say, dressing gown, that a woman would wear over her nightgown or negligee. Since mostly they were created in sheer nylon chiffon, it only hid her form through multiple layers of chiffon or pleats. Peignoir robes were generally loose fitting, free flowing, and thus not really recommended for a good cover up on those outdoor bbq's roasting marshmallows by the fire. POOF.

So there you have it folks, the peignoir explained.


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