August 3, 2011

Can The Real Lady Duff Step Forward? Part 2

Can The Real Lady Duff Step Forward? Part 2.

On August 2, 2011 I wrote Can The Real Lady Duff Step Forward?

I was lucky enough for Miss Camilla Blois, great great granddaughter of Lady Duff Gordon, the brainchild behind Lucile and Co Lingerie contact me with concern (and rightfully so) about a quote that I included (but since removed).

My original post "Although she may have been a significant force in the world of fashion at that time, she was not very good when it can to the business side of things. She ended up in personal bankruptcy and retired in 1932 to only die three years later".

Miss Blois pointed out to me, "I would like to point out however that my grandmother was actually very good at business, she started her fashion label when she got left on a doorstep with a small child, being one of the first women to get divorced. She single handedly built up her own business which then led to 4 stores around the globe. In 1907 she was one of the richest women in the world - where you think that was not very good at business I am not quite sure, especially in the early 1900s where it was tough for a women to be in business. She actually died of breast cancer which she had suffered from for quite some time. She was a marketing pioneer and is famous for it."

I apologized to Ms. Blois for my original quote in my post.

Indeed her grandmother was a BRILLIANT business woman. After researching and researching for days in regards to all this Lady Duff mystery, I honestly think my brain was not in gear. Again, Ms. Blois, my deepest apologies.

Please stay tuned for more information to follow on "Lady Duff" garments.

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