August 6, 2011

Sweet Cherry Pickings for Dixie Gal Searching Dallas

It has come to my attention that there is a seller on eBay that is using a combination of my seller name Sweet*Cherry*Pops and DixieDallas seller name mixed in her auction descriptions. The following text is directly in most her vintage lingerie auctions.

"Please look at my other items as this Dixie Gal loves to search Dallas for You! We search the Finest Estate Sales in the south to Cherry pick Sweet treasures you will love"

Both DixieDallas and I are among some of the top vintage lingerie sellers who pioneered on eBay, and been doing this strong for many years.

The seller in question is taking both our eBay names (sweet cherry and dixie dallas) and incorporating them into her auction listings simply it to gain exposure, and search manipulation. I have spoke to DixieDallas about this, and after many years of being plagiarized, we just leave it up to eBay to deal with this. I have called eBay regarding this recent search manipulation of our names, and they said there isn't much they can do as this seller is not using our correct names but "mixing them in" in her description.

Coincidence? Maybe, but I think not.

You would think this Angel of a seller would not do this. She apparently has been selling for many years, and this really surprises me.

I am hoping that this seller see's this, because I cannot message her through eBay as this would be looked up as a no no with eBay.

I am only posting this because many of our customers (Mine and DixieDallas) might see this and we are in NO WAY associated with this seller. My sole purpose is so she stops and removes this from her eBay descriptions.

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