November 15, 2011

Vintage Lingerie WHAT A TRIUMPH! Triumph Lingerie Celebrates 125 years!

Vintage Lingerie WHAT A TRIUMPH! European owned Triumph Lingerie Celebrates 125 Years !!!
1886, The very first bra invented by Triumph was called the Bust Improver.
More then a century ago in 1886 Triumph's founders launched their corsetry business from a barn in Heubach (W├╝rttemberg-Germany) in 1886, they had start-up funds of 2000 gold marks and employed 6 staff. As a comparison, the company today has annual sales exceeding 2.2 billion Swiss Franks and employs over 36,500 staff all over the world. At the same time as Paris couturier Charles Frederic Worth was the first man to "enhance" the female form with padding, the two founders of Triumph were setting up their operations in a barn.

In 1894 their sharp business acumen brought them an important breakthrough - an order for corsetry from strait-laced England. Leading into the 1900's leading into the century, constricting whalebone undergarments underwent a certain degree of relaxation; corsets moved downwards, so to speak, to become girdles. Women, and European women in particular, were positively electrified by the influence of new fashions such as the tango, and began to dress and deport themselves in ways that brought out their personalities. As Triumph flourished, new generations brought youthful energy into the business, and in 1902 Triumph was a registered trademark.

In the 1930s, Triumph advanced to the status of Europe's largest corsetry manufacturer - an excellent reason to celebrate the company's 50th birthday in 1936. After almost 50 years of near-uninterrupted growth, checked only by the First World War, 1933 saw the foundations laid for the company's later international expansion when the company opened its first international branch in Zurzach, Switzerland. Today, the same premises house the corporate financial headquarters and other central corporate departments.

By the 1950's Triumph had become 'Triumph International' to reflect it's worldwide standing and employed 6000 staff. They expanded rapidly into countries such as Britain, Italy, Belgium and Norway. With this growth into new countries, Triumph became established as Europe's top lingerie manufacturer. Then in the 1960's, with the step into Hong Kong, the expansion into the Asian market began. In the same year, the Triumph workforce had grown to 14,000. Soon the company had independent subsidiaries for swimwear, day-wear and nightwear and new technological developments such as molding and high frequency welding, used instead of traditional stitching, were revolutionizing looks and possibilities for Triumph designers.

Fast forward 125 years, and much has changed. This month, Triumph International is to commemorate their long history tailoring the female form with a limited edition collection of vintage-inspired corsets, bras and knickers that celebrate the nipped-in waists and high-waisted styling of the past. But while the styling is all vintage, the comfort is as contemporary as it comes.

The collection offers pieces that marry both the best-loved heritage styles for which Triumph is famed, coupled with the cutting edge fabrics and fit technology that makes today's lingerie infinitely more comfortable than the whalebone garments of old.
Courtesy of Deborah Arthurs of the and wikipedia.

Very modern vintage: Triumph's Vintage Collection celebrates retro styling married with modern technology.
Wasp-waisters and corsets feature heavily in the line, all inspired by the long heritage of Triumph International.

Vintage with a twist, the bullet bra: The lingerie echoes shapes of the past but is much more comfortable to wear.

Triumph, the company behind the first bra commercially available to women, has launched the Vintage Collection to bring revamped Triumph designs into the present day!

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Bra None said...

I love that corset second from the top. It is incredible sexy. So beautiful. Love modern vintage designs.

Miss Meadows said...

Gorgeous! Especially the waspie and the bullet bra will need some extra checking out by me :) But I can imagine the price might be a bit too "intimidating"...

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