April 17, 2011

Vintage Lingerie Miss Elaine Nightgown by Cherry Sparkle on eBay

Nothing is more breathtaking then sheer aqua chiffon in flowing like a waterfall chiffon elegance. Take a gander at this lovely here only at CHERRY SPARKLE eBay auctions

April 14, 2011

Vintage Lingerie Lady Duff Vintage Nightgown

Welcome to Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie...bringing back romance and femininity again to you!

Vintage Lingerie...Nothing Compares To The Elegance Of These Beautiful Masterpieces.
So beautiful, highly collectible and sought after.

I'm so excited to present this gorgeous exquisite negligee that is created and fashioned by BY THE ONE AND ONLY LADY DUFF LINGERIE COMPANY Survivor of the RMS Titantic, who started and owned her own design company.

This is such an exquisite find for your finer lingerie collection and a true vintage treasure to cherish for many years to come. The color is what I describe as LIGHT PEACH (color may vary from monitor to monitor), and created in 100% RAYON CELENESE. This has ECRU SHEER FRENCH STYLE ROPED LACE (I believe to be cotton lace, but not entirely positive). Totally SUBLIME, ELEGANT WISPY SOFT RAYON will caress your every move. Vintage items are rarely flawless and most have normal to little wear, minor picks/pulls in areas or a small age discoloration spot or two etc. This particular beautiful piece has no rips, tears or stains! 2 PINPRICK HOLES present (one as shown above in the picture above on the tummy) and a smaller one on the back shoulder area.

Lucy Christiana, Lady Duff Gordon was a leading fashion designer in the late C19th and first decades of the C20th. She is often referred to as "Lucile," the name she gave her London couture house, she opened branches in Paris, New York City and Chicago, dressing high society, the stage and early silent cinema. Lucy Duff Gordon was a survivor of the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912 and is still referred to as the losing party in the precedent-setting 1917 contract law case of Wood v. Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon, in which Judge Benjamin N. Cardozo decided against her in favor of her advertising agent. Lucile was well known for her lingerie, tea-gowns and evening wear. She is credited with training the first professional fashion models (1896) and staging the first runway or "catwalk" style shows. She created theatrical invitation-only, tea-time fashion shows, complete with a stage, curtains, mood-setting limelight, music from a string band, souvenir gifts and programmes. Her dresses were given descriptive names, inspired by literature, popular culture, and Lucile's interest in the psychology, and personality of her clients. Lucile was known for layered, draped garments in romantic fabrics, and sophistication, often accentuated with sprays of hand-made flowers. However, Lucile was also known for simple, smart tailoring in suits and day-wear. Influential clients, whose clothing influenced many when it appeared in early films, on stage and in the press included: Irene Castle, Lily Elsie, Gertie Millar, Gaby Deslys,Billie Burke and Mary Pickford. Lucile costumed many theatricals including the London premiere of Franz Lehã¡r's operetta The Merry Widow (1907), the Ziegfeld Follies revues on Broadway (1915 -1921) and the D.W. Griffith silent movie Way Down East (1920). Her fashions were also frequently featured in Pathã© and Gaumont newsreels of the 1910s and 20s, and she appeared in her own weekly spot in the British
newsreel "Around the Town" (c.1917 - 1919).

In addition to her prolific work as a couturier, costumier, journalist and pundit, Lady Duff Gordon also took significant advantage of commercial endorsements, lending her name to advertising for shoes, brassieres, perfume and other luxury apparel and beauty items. Among the most innovative of her licensing ventures were a two-season lower-priced, mail-order fashion line for Sears, Roebuck & Co. (1916-17), which promoted her clothing in special de luxe catalogs, and a contract to design interiors for limousines and town cars for the Chalmers Motor Co, later Chrysler Corporation (1917).

Lady Duff, 1930's vintage fashion, eBay vintage lingerie, vintage nightgown.

April 1, 2011

Vintage Lingerie Olga Lace Vintage Panty Girdle

Vintage Lingerie Olga Lace Vintage Panty Girdle

Update, SOLD. However be sure to check our Vintage Lingerie Boudoir for more vintage goodies!
Vintage FULL SHEER LACE FRONT AND BACK Girdle *BUBBLE* Panty with Garters
Created & Fashioned By: OLGA

What a fabulous treat I have for your lingerie collection and a true little treasure to cherish for many years to come. A welcome addition to your vintage lingerie boudoir!

The color is what I describe as black (color may vary from monitor to monitor), and created in 100% nylon, and the elastic is 85% nylon and 15% spandex. This has ALL NYLON CROTCH/GUSSET. Vintage items are rarely flawless and most have normal to little wear, with minor picks/pulls in areas or a small age discoloration spot or two etc. This particular beautiful piece has no flaws, NEW WITHOUT TAGS condition.

Ever wondered who really is OLGA? As some of her tags say, "Behind Every Olga there really is an Olga". Here at Sweet Cherry Vintage, I offer you exquisite vintage Olga nightgowns and undergarments.

It is hard to believe that the Olga Company, one of the most sought after brands in vintage (and modern) lingerie, began with a measly $10 in the forties and reached volume sales of $67 million. Well the Olga behind Olga made it happen with her incredible undergarment designs and dedication to making women feel ultra feminine and beautiful. 
Olga Erteszek, designer and founder of the Olga Company, left her native Krakow, Poland and immigrated to California with her husband, Jan Erteszek, in 1939. Jan was a lawyer who found work in sales after coming to the US and Olga, whose mother was a corsetière, worked in a factory making brassieres and girdles. 
Now let's not forget that during World War II, sacrifices were made. Lingerie companies were assisting in the production of parachutes for the army and fabrics were rationed. When Olga saw a woman with hosiery rolled to her knees one day on a trolley, she told her husband that women should at least have something to hold up their stockings, even with the sacrifices being made during the was. With Jan's support and encouragement, she rented a sewing machine for $5 and spent another $5 on material and sewed a dozen lace-trimmed garter belts. A buyer for Bullocks-Wilshire department store bought the garter belts, and the Olga Company began. By 1950, the company was fully established in the lingerie industry. 
In the early years Olga was directing seventeen designers, making fashionable lingerie that enhanced, shaped, and smoothed a women's body. Jan was the head of marketing and sales in the Olga Company, and had Olga appear in the company's advertisements as early as 1952.
From 1964 to 1978 she was featured in advertisements with a slogan that said, "Behind Every Olga There Really Is An Olga." This tag line can also be found on the labels of nightgowns, including the 1960's Sleeping Pretty collection. 
In 1967, Olga Company became a publicly owned corporation with a value of $67 million. The Olga Company was one of the first companies to offer it's employees profit sharing. They made the Fortune 500 list of best 100 companies to work for.
In 1984, Olga Company was sold to Warnaco (Warner's, etc.) for $28 million.
Olga Erteszek held the women's record for patents. Her designs included the built-in bra nightgown, the seamless bra, the massaging bra, and tummy flattening panties. Jan and Olga were honored for their community and humanitarian work and in 1985 they received the California Industrialist Of The Year award for life time achievement. 
Jan Erteszek died in 1986. In 1979, at age 73, Olga dies of breast cancer. One of their daughters, Christina Johnson, is currently the design director at Warnaco for Olga's Christina, a sporty line of lingerie, which was originally trademarked by Olga Company in 1981.
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