February 22, 2012

Meowww In Leopard Print Vanity Fair Lingerie

Meowww Baby. Leopard print Vanity Fair vintage garments. Bringing out the inner jungle gal in you! The Leopardess....

Vanity Fair Nightgown & Robe Set
Nightgown and Robe Set

Vanity Fair Push up slip
Push up slip by Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair Tap Panties
Tap Slip Panties
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Sia said...

I love leopard. I really love that top photo with the green background, it is sooo classy and so sexy.

That is the way to wear leopard print.

Justinerawr said...

Love your blog. I just followed you! I recently started my own blog and would love some feedback or a follow back?! Thanks so much!

Justinerawr, xo

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