February 27, 2012

Miss Elaine Nightgowns

The following blog post I cannot take credit for. It was beautifully written by Suzanne Prochaska of Vintage Nightgowns.

Suzanne Prochaska has an extensive blog/website featuring some of the popular gowns and history of. Please be sure to have a look at her website!

Miss Elaine NightgownWhen you’re looking for evening ware that speaks of elegance, comfort and a sense of coziness, Miss Elaine Nightgowns should be on your list. Miss Elaine has become synonymous worldwide with lounge-wear and sleep ware sure to make any one feel feminine and beautiful.
There’s a sense of whimsy to her designs – with fabric that moves and breaths and just enough trim or embroidery to make each piece looks and fits as great as it feels. Better still, Miss Elaine lines come in sizes and styles suited for nearly any lifestyle or figure.

Red Miss Elaine Vintage NightgownThe company started in 1926. It’s a family owned and operated business that spans several generations. The idea behind her line was creating high quality sleepwear that is tasteful and easy to care for. Even to this day you can find Miss Elaine items in various department stores and shops that specialize in boudoir clothing.
One item for which her line is most famous is a fabric called Silk Essence. While not silk, the fabric has a similarly sheer consistency that’s incredibly soft against the skin. Better still it’s machine washable. The colors in her lines range the spectrum and include Ice Pink and Aqua. The sweep of Miss Elaine nightgowns allow for plenty of leg room, and unlike many pieces of night ware you’ll find the lace just as soft as the fabric.
Vintage Miss Elaine NightgownLike other clothing lines several of her designs have been discontinued meaning they can also be collectibles. The label for Miss Elaine pieces is relatively distinctive. All feature the name Miss Elaine in script. In the 1950s the script was sometimes green. By the 1960s the labels changed to gold script and white backing. Up until the early 1980s the script featured a curl on the front end of Miss and an extended curl on the top of Elaine so that it stretched over to the “I” in her name. That feature ceased to a simpler script, and then a combination of printing and script on the Miss and Elaine respectively.
In terms of value Miss Elaine nightgowns from the 30’s can be quite expensive sometimes fetching as much as $200.00. By comparison items from the 60’s and 70’s cost anywhere from $15 - $40 depending on the length and extensiveness of decorative touches. On average a new Miss Elaine piece will cost about $50.00, which is still fairly affordable for a small piece of luxury.

COURTESY OF Suzanne Prochaska of Vintage Nightgowns.

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