February 15, 2012

So Honored! The Lingerie Addict Invites Me!

My friend Treacle, owner of The Lingerie Addict, well known blogger and lingerie connoisseur has asked yours truly to do a guest blog post her infamous blog! In the meantime, be sure to visit her blog!
The following is from The Lingerie Addict, Treacle Tart:
A Brief History Of The Lingerie Addict:
In April of 2008, The Lingerie Addict was born in a small apartment in Atlanta amidst an ever-growing collection of stockings and knickers. The blog originally filled a niche for me personally: I’d searched all over the internet for a lingerie site that helped women on a budget find lingerie that they would love. After coming up empty, I finally decided to create that space myself. I wanted to create a place that was loving, inclusive, and empowering to women all over.
My name is Treacle Tart, and when I started this blog I was working full time as a crisis counselor. After four years, I’m a full time Lingerie Addict, and my little blog has become a business. The Lingerie Addict is holding steady as the number one lingerie blog worldwide, and I recently received my one-millionth visitor.
In 2011, I expanded my range of services. Along with advertising opportunities, I now offer a wide range of social media consulting services for the discerning lingerie brand or boutique. I’ve spent the last year jump starting social media campaigns for lingerie businesses, helping brands tell their story, and of course blogging about all of my new (and old) lingerie loves.
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