March 31, 2013

The 12 Weirdest Easter Playboy Vintage Ads And The Not So Weirdest! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! A few vintage ads to start your day!
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Politically incorrect? I think not! 
Vintage Playboy Ad
Vintage Playboy Ad

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Ha! Last but not least....President Obama and an awkward Easter bunny. 

March 28, 2013

Top Ten Celebrities In Lingerie..Vintage Of Course!

Top Ten Celebrities In Lingerie..Vintage Of Course!
In no particular order! Leave me a comment and tell me who your favorite is and why!
Anne Francis in a stunning pleated Vanity Fair or Van Raalte nightgown

Ginger Rogers showing off a gorgeous French knicker lace set and bra.

Do I really need to say who this is? The one and only stunner...Elizabeth Taylor in the
infamous slip worn on the set of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Seductive Jane Russell in a chiffon nighty babydoll for the film the Fuzzy Pink Nightgown

Sophia Loren rocking a hourglass shape in a corset 

Natalie Wood in a French corset and stockings.

Marilyn Monroe in a sheer chiffon peignoir

Veronica Lake in a satin dressing gown...Epitome of Old Hollywood style!

Natalie Wood (again) in an all lace babydoll

Zsa Zsa Gabor showing off a stunning Juel Park negligee

March 27, 2013

Hump Day Pick Vintage Little Pretty

Hey dolls! Happy Hump Day! Featuring our little pick Hump Day Vintage sweet things!
A set of vintage day of the week panties! Can be purchased here: Day of Week Vintage Panties
Not only do you get all 7 panties, they come in this adorable pink quilted satin case. Happy Hump Day y'all!

March 26, 2013

Full Figured Mannequins Hits Sweden..Why Not In The USA!?

Do you think the standard size for mannequins needs to be overhauled? We all know that Lane Bryant and other "plus size" department stores have them, realistic size mannequins. But with American women being an average (American size) 10/12 I would think the current size 4 mannequins in shops is a bit unrealistic. We are not saying the average size of 10/12 is "plus size", but in the fashion industry, it is. Very sad indeed. No wonder American woman have issues with their weight when all they see are size 4 mannequins in stores. 

So, back to the story...a picture of REALISTIC looking mannequins went viral recently, and these mannequins are in Sweden. Well, we think this is pretty awesome indeed. Swedish department store Ahlens has been the subject of some debate recently ever since this photo of two of their mannequins went viral, and for once, it isn't because the mannequins had pencil thin legs, protruding rib cages  or were construed to promote eating disorders. Heck no, these plastic beauties stood out because unlike most we see in stores here in America in the malls and shops, they represent what REAL women of average size! And while we don't think that thinner mannequins should be replaced altogether  because the size 0 women are still REAL women, after all, a little variety would be reallllllllly refreshing in the retail world. Plus, it might go a long way towards convincing women who feel alienated by the stick thin figures in the windows that the merchandise can look good on them too! put it in the language of retail executive....CHACHING $$$. 

"Plus size" mannequin next to a size 4 mannequin 

Peekay Inc, a specialty store selling lingerie, romantic and sensual products truly appreciate the "curvy" "plus size" woman. Their "plus size" mannequin is not only holding her own standing next to a size 4 mannequin, but is under a sign that says "sexy sweet".  Most retailers act as if curvy and sexy are mutually exclusive. Ever see a plus size mannequin in a Victoria Secret store?
I am not at all politically correct, we are "it is what it is" kind of gal. However, if executives, merchants, even online sellers like myself want to speak to realistic sized women, we better get with it and start showing realistic sized mannequins. Personally speaking, from me, myself, and I, being once a fat chick, now a skinny chick, I prefer the thinner mannequins, because they represent "me". When I was a fat chick, I liked seeing the "fuller" mannequins in the fat girl shops like Lane Bryant. Now, don't go hating on me because I call them fat girl shops. When I was a fat girl, I referred to them as that. Remember, it is what it is. 

I am appalled at this obese mannequin. I really think it is showing it's "ok" to be obese, and it's not. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Your comments are really appreciated. We want to hear from you! Do you think the current mannequin sizes should stay or go, or a variety!? Leave a comment here

March 24, 2013

Ohh La La! Oui Oui ..Vintage French Girdle

Ohhh La La! Mimi de Frane Vintage Panty Girdle...
Just too cute! Not sure if I bought this for the girdle or the incredible graphics on the packaging. Decide for yourself!? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think! Oh! I bought two of these, kept one, and the other is for sale here

Adorable packaging!!! Ohhh La La! 

Please Please Please...leave me a comment :)

Vintage Lingerie Flower Power! Get Ready For Spring!

Psychedelic Mod! Get ready for spring in vintage nightgown by Olga. What a rare treat from Olga! You can get this gorgeous frock here by Empress Jade Of The Universe. Empress Jade Of The Universe says..

A Rare Vintage 60s Olga Nightgown to add to your collection. 

- Incredibly sheer and silky nylon (more like Miss Elaine nylon; very transparent and lovely)
- Fun "Mod" floral print
- Bright tangerine, hot pink, lime, yellow and purple
- Loose fitting, unstructured pullover nightgown 
- Adorable, tiny puffed sleeves
- Deep scoop neckline with ruffled white lace and elastic ( could be worn off the shoulder if desired)
- Maxi length skirt flared to a soft sweet

Empress Jade Of The Universe, Vintage Olga, Olga Nightgown, Mod, Psychedelic

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